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"Every click you make, Facebook tracker will be watching you"

David Vaile comments on the overhaul of profile pages on Facebook's social networking site (The Australian, September 24 2011). See summary below:

David Vaile, executive director of UNSW's Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, said the new features were worrying.

"Retention of information online has always been a problem. If information comes and goes fleetingly there's less likelihood it will be used other than for the purpose you put it up, which is just to keep people in touch with what you're doing," Mr Vaile said.

"Time is ripe for intellectual policies"

Professor George Williams writes on how the freedom of intellectual inquiry at universities will become a hot topic now that it has legislative backing for the first time (The Australian, September 21 2011). See summary below:

The opportunity is for universities to develop the best [intellectual freedom] policies they can," said George Williams, legal academic at the University of NSW.

He was commenting on the passage this month of amendments that require universities to have policies in favour of intellectual freedom.

"Ten years of anti-terror laws"

Professor George Williams discusses anti-terror laws in Australia on ABC 1233 Newcastle (ABC 1233 Newcastle, September 12 2011).

"It's appropriate we have laws on the books that criminalise terrorism and prevent acts of terrorism, but we've got too many laws which are disproportionate, which I think, in, for example, criminalising speech or providing for the detention of non-suspects, go too far and are unjustified in terms of the threat that Australia is facing," he told Radio National.

"Race vote should offer protection all round"

Professor George Williams comments on whether to change the nation's constitution to recognise Aboriginal people (Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 27 September 2011). A summary follows:

UNSW Law alumnus John M Green donates $500,000 for scholarships

Six scholarships for disadvantaged students each worth $100,000

UNSW Law School is delighted to announce the launch of the John M Green Scholarship program for disadvantaged students, the most generous scholarships in the school’s history. John’s extremely generous donation of $500,000 will be invested by UNSW, with the interest generating an additional $100,000, enabling a total of six $100,000 scholarships to be provided.

The scholarships, each worth $100,000, will be awarded to eligible HSC graduates to give them the opportunity to complete an undergraduate combined law degree of their choosing at UNSW Law School.

ABC 666: Morning

Christopher Michaelsen, Faculty of Law, UNSW.
ABC 666: Morning, 9 September 2011

SBS Ethnic Radio: World View

Associate Professor Andrew Lynch, Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, Faculty of Law, UNSW. SBS Ethnic Radio: World View, 9 September 2011

Opinion: The laws that erode who we are

Professor George Williams, Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, Faculty of Law, UNSW. Sydney Morning Herald, 10 September 2011, p.22

ABC 666: PM

Professor George Williams, Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, Faculty of Law, UNSW. ABC 666: PM, 8 September 2011

Malaysia decision sparks rush of activity

Professor George Williams and Andrew Lynch, Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, Faculty of Law, UNSW. Australian Financial Review, 9 September 2011, p.42