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'High Court threat to mining tax'

Professor George Williams speaks to The Age (6 November 2012).

A leading constitutional law expert, University of New South Wales professor George Williams, said the court had been expected to agree to hear the case because of its significance for federal-state relations.

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'Time to give people say in how governor-general is chosen'

Professor George Williams writes in The Sydney Morning Herald ( 6 November 2012).

When Prince Charles and Camilla arrived at Longreach on Monday, they were met by the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce. Ms Bryce did so as the Australian representative of Queen Elizabeth II. In time, the governor-general will act on behalf of Prince Charles.

1920’s Australia’s lesson for Gillard in the Asian Century

Fergal Davis writes in The Punch (3 November 2012).

On 28 October the Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivered a speech at the launch of the White paper on Australia in the Asian Century. “History” she said “asks great nations great questions”.

As we look forward to the Asian Century we might also want to reflect on the way Australia sought to define its place in the world 100 years ago: a century marked by the global process of decolonization.

In the 1920’s the sun never set upon the British Empire but it was a rapidly changing world.

NSW professor launches unique lawyer well-being survey

Professor Janet Chan talks to Lawyers Weekly (2 November 2012).

The University of NSW has launched a first-of-its-kind national survey in an attempt to shed new light on how law firm culture contributes to lawyer stress and depression.

The Health and Well-being Survey of Australian Lawyers, which is supported by the Law Council of Australia, will be the first “systematic study” of the legal culture and practice of Australian barristers and solicitors.

'Terrorist laws 'go too far'

Professor George Williams speaks to The Sydney Morning Herald.

George Williams, a constitutional lawyer at the University of NSW, said only a month elapsed between the bill's introduction and legislation being passed, leaving little time for scrutiny by Parliament.

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Individual Communication to the United Nations Human Rights Committee

An Indonesian fisherman has filed the first international case against Australia’s people smuggling legislation, claiming the laws violate international law. The fisherman is represented by senior law students from UNSW Law's Human Rights Clinic.

Due to mandatory sentencing, the fisherman Mr Nasir, who goes by one name, is serving a five-year jail term in an Australian prison – a significantly longer sentence than he would otherwise have received for being a cook on an asylum seeker boat, according to the Queensland Supreme Court.

The claim, filed with the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva, seeks compensation and a public apology, as well as changes to Australian laws and policies. It also seeks Mr Nasir’s immediate release.

The Law of Success: love what you do

Cathy Sherry writes in The Sydney Morning Herald (24 October 2012).

Earlier this month I heard the University of Technology chancellor and world-renowned endocrinologist, Vicki Sara, give the address at a selective school prefect induction. Her message to the students was clear: you are bright and talented, you are privileged to be in a position to make real choices about your life, make sure you use that privilege to choose to work in an area you are passionate about.

New book by Ben Golder, 'Re-reading Foucault: on Law, Power and Rights'

A new book by Ben Golder, Re-reading Foucault: On Law, Power and Rights has been published by Routledge.

Re-reading Foucault: On Law, Power and Rights is the first collection in English fully to address the relevance of Michel Foucault’s thought for law.

Foucault is the best known and most cited of the late twentieth-century’s ‘theory’ academics. His work continues to animate a range of different critical work across intellectual disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Deborah Healey talks to ABC 702 Grandstand.

Deborah Healey talks to ABC 702 Grandstand (20 October 2012) about the Lance Armstrong doping allegations.

Deborah Healey, author of Sport and the Law, talks to Grandstand about the legal aspects surrounding detailed USADA's doping report into cycling.

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UNSW Law Celebrates 2012 Valedictorians

 UNSW Law Celebrates 2012 Valedictorians     UNSW Law Celebrates 2012 Valedictorians
    Robert  Woods                   Sean Lau with Professor David Dixon

On Friday, 12 October 2012, more than 100 Law students and academic staff gathered at The Mint in Sydney’s CBD to celebrate the 2012 Valedictorians. The Valedictorians (one LLB, one JD) are the students who combine academic excellence with broader contributions to the life of the Law School.