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Opinion: Chaplaincy challenge reveals legal failure

Professor George Williams, Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, Faculty of Law, UNSW. Sydney Morning Herald, 24 May 2011, p.11

Temby QC backs jury trial

Emeritus Professor Michael Chersterman, Faculty of Law, UNSW.Sunday Canberra Times, 22 May 2011, p.9

Justice Virginia Bell on the concept of 'a fair go' in the Australian Legal system

High Court Judge Virginia Bell spoke about the concept of 'a fair go' and what it means for the Australian Legal system in the Faculty's Law, Governance and Social Justice discussion series.

The Law, Governance and Social Justice Discussion Series is an initiative of the Law Faculty of the University of New South Wales. It promotes discussion about ways in which laws, legal processes and other aspects of governance can either help or hinder social justice in Australia and overseas.

Previous addresses in the series were delivered by Chief Justice James Spigelman of the Supreme Court of NSW; the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP; the Rev Tim Costello, CEO World Vision Australia.

Read the transcript of Justice Bell's address (The file is no longer available)

Megan Davis attends UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York

Megan Davis, the first Indigenous Australian women to be elected to the United Nations (UN) Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, has attended her first session of the Forum in New York.

An Associate Professor and Director of UNSW's Indigenous Law Centre, Megan was nominated by the Australian Government then elected as a member of the pre-eminent UN body for Indigenous issues for a three year term.

She joins 16 independent experts nominated by Governments and Indigenous organisations across the world to examine Indigenous issues including economic and social development, culture, the environment, education, health and human rights.

The Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin congratulated Megan on her role at this important Indigenous forum.

ABC Coffs Coast: 12:30 News

Rezana Karim, Faculty of Law, UNSW. ABC Coffs Coast: 12:30 News, 18 May 2011

Inaugural event celebrates a remarkable Australian

Professor George Williams, Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, Faculty of Law, UNSW. Blue Mountains Gazette, 18 May 2011, p.15

US Ambassador speaks on human rights in the Asia Pacific

Australia and the United States should not be afraid to shine a spotlight on nations such as China, Fiji, North Korea and Burma that fall short on their human rights obligations, US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich has told a UNSW audience.

The Ambasssador also defended his own country's killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, saying he knew of no "legitimate commentator who doesn't believe the US acted within its rights".

Ambassador Bleich made the comments delivering UNSW Law's annual human rights lecture, hosted by the University's Australian Human Rights Centre (AHRC).

Jane McAdam interviewed by ABC National Radio on '"Environmental Refugee" Not Accutate for Pacific'

Professor Jane McAdam speaks to ABC Radio National (10 May 2011).

Environmental refugee status is also attracting its fare share of detractors particularly in the Pacific where the term is considered degrogatory and not an accurate description of their circumstances.

Listen to the full interview here.

Stolen info from PlayStation hack reportedly up for sale

David Vaile, Executive Director, Cyberspace Law & Policy Centre, Faculty of Law, UNSW. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 April 2011

Opinion: Monitor must tackle Government over anti-terrorism laws

Chris Michaelsen Faculty of Law, UNSW. Canberra Times, 29 April 2011, p.15