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So you've been hacked and your ID stolen. What happens next?

Cyber crime on the rise

Lawyers want a watchdog to handle complaints against judges

The peak body representing the nation’s lawyers has called for a federal judicial commission to handle complaints about judges after it emerged at least two family law judges have judgments outstanding from hearings completed more than four years ago.

'Our mob are dying': Leaders urge referendum on Indigenous voice

Indigenous leaders have urged the government to move quickly on a referendum for a 'voice to parliament'.

Noel Pearson envisages an Australia unified through the pursuit of self-interest

Noel Pearson delivered an optimistic “Declaration to Australia”, along with a series of “uncomfortable but necessary truths”, to a packed theatre at UNSW Sydney during this year’s Hal Wootten Lecture.

OPINION If the NBN and Snowy Hydro 2.0 were value for money, would we know?

We are getting closer to being able to apply private sector rigour to the examination of public sector projects with social benefits.

Family Court delay puts new life on hold

Innovative new method puts a price on public spending

New UNSW Sydney report introduces Social Return Accounting, an innovative method for measuring the value of government expenditures.

Peter Dutton's childcare funding letter sparks new attack

Professor George Williams, dean of the University of NSW Law School, said the letter was a strong argument for disqualification and the case should at least be tested by the court.

Even goldfish could be banned - until now

Most Australians are inherently reasonable and do not presume to regulate their neighbours' private lives. One glaring exception is pets in strata schemes.

UNSW academics shortlisted among 100 most influential women in Australia

PVC Indigenous Megan Davis and Science Dean Emma Johnston have been named in this year’s AFR/Qantas 100 Women of Influence Awards.