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UNSW Law graduate awarded prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Congratulations to UNSW Law alumna Babette Brophy who has been awarded a prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

PhD Excellence Awards - 2017

UNSW Law would like to congratulate the recipients of the 2017 PhD Excellence Awards.

OPINION Shorten's plan to triple anti-dumping penalties misunderstands the law

Bill Shorten’s proposal to triple anti-dumping penalties demonstrates a misunderstanding of dumping and its impact on the economy. It also misunderstands when anti-dumping measures may be lawfully applied and to what extent.

Cockatoos and conflict: UNSW Law students enjoy mooting success

UNSW Law students have shone at prestigious international mooting competitions in Oxford and Hong Kong.

Young Law leaders awarded Asian Exchange Scholarships

Four UNSW Law students are among the 2018 Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars helping to strengthen Australia’s talent pool of future leaders.

From huts to the Roundhouse

Memories of lectures in the “huts” at UNSW flowed freely at the reunion of the first graduating classes of the Law School on 7 March.

Tips for aspiring tipstaves and associates

OPINION: Stella Kim, Lawyers Weekly, 10 June 2016.

Working by a judge's side offers an exclusive opportunity to watch and learn from some of the country’s finest legal practitioners and to witness incredible (and, sometimes, incredibly bad!) advocacy in action.

Here at the UNSW Law Careers Service, we hope to provide some guidance drawing from my experience at the Supreme Court of NSW (NSWSC) last year as well as through speaking to former tipstaves/associates from the High Court of Australia (HCA), Federal Court of Australia (FCA), NSW Court of Appeal (NSWCA) and District Court of NSW (NSWDC).

The legality of internships

OPINION: Stella Kim, Lawyers Weekly, 06 May 2016.

The UNSW Law Careers Service has been running for a little over six months. In this time, we have had enquiries from both students and employers regarding the legitimacy or otherwise of unpaid internships. Needless to say, debate and controversy surround this issue, particularly since the 'fee for internship' scenario in SA last year (ICYMI, here).

The grad's guide to working in London

OPINION: Stella Kim, Lawyers Weekly, 06 April 2016.

London is the motherland of common law, with some of the largest global deals and a true melting pot of cultures. But while law graduates are often attracted to the idea of working in London, they don’t always know where to begin.

I have recently accepted a training contract with London firm Slaughter and May. Based on my experiences, there are a range of factors to consider before making the commitment to pursue the role of a London ‘trainee’.

Securing a job in NSW government

If you want to work as a government lawyer there are a number of NSW government departments and agencies that have legal divisions. Most of their lawyers are based in Sydney, unlike federal government roles, which are mainly Canberra-based.

Some of the NSW government organisations that have legal teams are: