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Anti-Terror Laws and Australia

Professor George Williams

Video 1: Australia & Anti-Terror Laws

Australia has had a short history of enacting anti-terror laws. Was Australia right to introduce these laws or was our criminal law already strong enough to deal with terrorists?

Video 2: The laws Australia enacted

Since September 11 2001, Australia has passed more anti-terror laws than other countries. These laws are remarkable not only in number, but also in their sometimes extraordinary scope.

Video 3: Did Australia get the laws right?

Australia’s anti-terror laws were enacted in an atmosphere of fear and grief following terrorist attacks overseas.  Do our anti-terror laws go too far in the powers they confer? Do they need to be changed?

Professor George Williams

About Professor George Williams

George Williams AO is one of Australia’s leading constitutional lawyers and public commentators. He is the Anthony Mason Professor, a Scientia Professor and the Foundation Director of the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law at UNSW Law. As an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, he is engaged in a five year international project on anti-terror laws and democracy. He has held visiting positions at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Columbia University Law School in New York and University College London.

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