Former DPP lashes out over judges' attacks on lawyers | Law

Former DPP lashes out over judges' attacks on lawyers

Visiting Professorial Fellow Nicholas Cowdery QC speaks to The Daily Telegraph (28 June 2012) about the unprecedented personal attacks levelled by judges at the two barristers who ran the prosecution of the high-profile trials of Gordon Wood and Jeffrey Gilham.

The Court of Criminal Appeal's criticisms of top prosecutors Mark Tedeschi QC and Margaret Cunneen SC were both "unwarranted and unreasonable", Mr Cowdery said yesterday.

Mr Cowdery, now with the University of NSW after stepping down as DPP last year, backed his decisions to prosecute both Mr Wood, for the alleged murder of his girlfriend Caroline Byrne, and Mr Gilham for allegedly killing his parents and setting the family's home on fire.

He said he had made the decisions to prosecute on the basis of the admissible evidence that was then available to the Crown, including expert forensic evidence.

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