Diplomacy intensifies as new ocean opens in Arctic | Law

Diplomacy intensifies as new ocean opens in Arctic

Professor Rosemary Rayfuse speaks to ABC PM (15 May 2013) about the exploitation of Arctic thaw.

Professor of international law at the University of New South Wales, Rosemary Rayfuse, says the great Arctic thaw is likely to be exploited.

ROSEMARY RAYFUSE: Everything is in its early stages, Shell for example has tried to do some new drilling projects off the North Slope of Alaska, they failed miserably because of the environmental conditions. In Canada various mining interest have been moving north to start new mining projects.

Greenland is pushing ahead with studies and all sorts of proposals for things like aluminium smelters. Greenland in many respects, the economy of Greenland is very much looking forward to a warming climate so that they can access the massive resources.

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