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Financial Market Developments

Approximately 1.8 billion people in developing countries have access to a mobile phone and yet no bank account. This startling statistic is behind Professor Ross Buckley’s work on the “Regulation of Mobile Money” in developing countries.

Professor Ross Buckley and Professor Justin O’Brien recently spoke to over 100 practitioners and policy makers gathered at the CIFR Symposium on Financial Market Developments to discuss the importance of their respective research projects and contributions to policy debate.

Professor Buckley noted that the Regulation of Mobile Money is a financial inclusion idea and has great economic development potential. It looks at providing financial services through a mobile phone, allowing people who don’t have bank accounts to receive welfare or government payments – cutting corruption out of the payments system.

Watch highlights from Professor Ross Buckley’s CIFR Symposium interview below.

Professor Justin O’Brien, Director of the Centre for Law, Markets & Regulation also presented his research at the symposium on “The Impact of State Capitalism on Global Financial Markets” with particular reference to China.

China has developed as an economic power house, on track to becoming the biggest economy in the world. As China develops it begins to have options and those options mean that they don’t necessarily have to rely on Australia anymore. This poses a real risk to Australia but is also an opportunity.

Watch highlights from Professor Justin O’Brien’s CIFR Symposium interview below.  

For more details on the symposium and to view a copy of the research presentations visit the CIFR website (This link is no longer available).