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Big data

UNSW Law will play a key role in the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC) exploring the potential for Big Data analytics in law enforcement and national security. While much of the D2D CRC will focus on developing new technology, UNSW Law, together with Deakin School of Law, will work to inform law and policy frameworks that protect important interests while enabling appropriate applications.

Professor Janet Chan, who will be project leader on an initial project, is joined by key researchers Dr Lyria Bennett Moses, Dr Alana Maurushat and David Vaile in analysing Australian law and comparing this with frameworks employed overseas.

“In conducting this research, we will work closely with technology designers and users. This is an exciting opportunity to build both technology and law around social objectives”, Dr Bennett Moses stated.

The Law and Policy Program of the D2D CRC is currently recruiting PhD candidates to undertake legal and socio-legal studies relating to Big Data in the context of Australian national security. This provides a unique opportunity to conduct research at the cutting edge of legal and technological developments.

Generous scholarships are available, and further information can be found here.

For more information about the D2D CRC, please see the website.