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Digital Disruptors

Associate Professor Deborah Healey speaks to ABC's RN Law Report host Damien Carrick about the issue of sharing economy companies like Uber and AirBnB, and their implications for competition against the background of the draft Harper Review of competition law and policy. (30 September 2014)

"It's a very interesting time in competition law and policy to be looking at these two particular issues. Only last week the Harper Review of Competition Law and Policy in Australia issued a draft report, and amongst other recommendations relating to legislative amendments et cetera it looked at the issue of some regulated industries. And two of those areas of regulation were taxi licences, which is relevant to Uber, and planning and zoning rules, which is relevant to Airbnb.

What they've said there is that there are lot of entrenched regulations which impact on competition, that they need to be reconsidered. And of course we need standards which protect consumers, but a lot of these are more restrictive of competition than they need to be."

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