Drug searches: thousands falsely identified by sniffer dogs | Law

Drug searches: thousands falsely identified by sniffer dogs

Dr Vicki Sentas comments in The Sydney Morning Herald (30 November) on NSW residents being subjected to drug searches by sniffer dogs.

Vicki Sentas, a lecturer in criminal law at the University of NSW, said despite evidence showing problems with the program, police had been given extended powers to use them in the Kings Cross area in 2012.‘‘Coupled with the alarming statistics that there is a very high false positive rate, what we are seeing is anormalisation and intensification of a very intrusive form of policing, which doesn’t appear to have its intended effect of disrupting drug supply,’’ she said. She was concerned that police appeared to justify the efficacy ofthe program based on claims that people who had not been found with drugs often admitted to contact with them.‘‘It’s spurious when the purpose of the program is to intercept or detect an offence,’’ she said. 

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