Privacy fears in bid to bolster cyber laws | Law

Privacy fears in bid to bolster cyber laws

David Vaile, Director of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Community, talks to The Australian (27 January 2015) about the challenges in ensuring law reform keeps pace with the growing threat to national security but strikes a balance with privacy concerns.

David Vaile told The Australian that the multifaceted cyber threat was difficult to combat through the legal framework. He said he expected a push for new laws in Australia, but information-sharing laws would be a challenge for MPs, given Australia has “feeble protections” for privacy and personal information protection compared to those in the US.

“That is really the challenge for the lawmakers,’’ he said. “There’s a way of thinking about this that doesn’t recognise that government and over-opportunistic business can be part of the problem and doesn’t rate highly enough the questions of confidentiality and privacy.”

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