Terror laws need to be applied better - not expanded | Law

Terror laws need to be applied better - not expanded

Dr Fergal Davis was interviewed by ABC's The World Today program (13 October 2015) about the Prime Minister's announcement that he will bring in legislation to toughen Australia's counter-terrorism laws.

"It's not obvious we need more law, what's obvious is we need to apply our laws in a smarter way. I'm a bit concerned by this rush to pass further legislation rather than to reflect upon the many reports that have been produced since 2005 and which give a good guide on what we should be doing with control orders.

"So that's not to say that reform isn't necessary, but it is to say that it is not obvious that we need to do this, this way and that we need to do it so quickly.

"The UK experience with control orders and now TPIMS (Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures) is that they're not very useful investigatory tools, so it's not obvious to me that we're thinking about this the right way. Rather, I think some governments want to be seen to be acting and are responding with that kind of immediacy rather than in a considered and responsible fashion."

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