Can Rob Stokes win the Battle for the Big Backyard? | Law

Can Rob Stokes win the Battle for the Big Backyard?

Amelia Thorpe comments in The Sydney Morning Herald (6 November 2015) on Rob Stokes' planned introduction of the Greater Sydney Commission, an agency to guide the direction of planning in Sydney.

"It's great that we've got a minister who knows so much about planning, who is really genuinely trying to balance social and environmental and economic interests," Thorpe says.

But Thorpe is puzzled as to why Stokes has handed the power to create plans that would reshape Sydney to an unelected body.

"I think having technocratic bodies making decisions about particular projects is less of an issue," she says. "Assuming you've got strategic plans, then if you just assess the project against the plan there's less of a concern there. But actually making the plans, that's a totally political choice, and I don't understand why you would be putting that to a body that's not political," she says.

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