COAG leaders agree to two new counter-terror laws | Law

COAG leaders agree to two new counter-terror laws

Fergal Davis speaks to ABC's PM program (11 December 2015) about whether Australia needs new counter-terrorism laws and if leaders have assessed whether past laws have been effective.

"For the first hundred years of Federation we had no anti-terror laws at the Commonwealth level. That obviously wasn't sustainable.

"But since 2001 we've adopted over 65 tranches of anti-terror laws and since 2013, when the Coalition was returned to power, we've had four tranches pass, a fifth one proposed and now this measure. 

"What we seem to do is take the more reactionary response without ever repealing these previous measures.

"So there doesn't seem to be that reflection upon what will work and what might work. Instead it tends to be about looking tough and even the language which is used is ‘we need tougher terrorism laws.’

"Well maybe we need smarter terrorism laws and maybe we need to be smarter in the ways that we respond to this problem, because it's an ongoing issue and we can't keep just adding more and more laws to the statute books. 

"We need to behave in a reasonable and responsible way."

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