Justine Rogers - Academic & stand-up comic | Law

Justine Rogers - Academic & stand-up comic

Dr Justine Rogers was profiled along with four other Australian men and women as part of The Guardian's 'those who dared' piece on 14 December 2015. 

Justine Rogers - Academic & stand-up comic

By day she is an academic teaching the course she created for the University of NSW on ethics and the law. She follows her other passion by stepping out on stage as a stand-up comic and hosts nights showcasing academic experts for a wider audience.

For most of us the thought of stepping out onto a stage and taking the mic to do stand-up comedy really is no joke.

But for University of NSW Law faculty academic Justine Rogers, it’s how she unwinds after teaching the course she founded last year, Lawyers, Ethics and Justice.

“I find the bigger the crowd the better,” Rogers says. “I find that really exciting and relaxing. It’s comfortable. I love it. It’s not that I’ve never suffered from stage fright on some level but I’m probably more nervous one on one. The bigger the better and then I feel more and more relaxed and take more risks.”

Rogers’ biggest audience so far has been for the closing night speech at TEDx at the Sydney Opera House, also filmed for the web, and something she confesses was a “tough gig going into it”.

“I was coming after people had seen all these worthy, beautiful speakers and then you’re the funny one,” she says.

“It’s not easy to go at the end of that. Generally you want the crowd to be primed for funny. And you need an extra two minutes for people to get over that you’re a woman (comedian) on stage. But it ended up being incredibly warm and fun and I was really lucky to be part of it.”

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