The immense power held by strata owners | Law

The immense power held by strata owners

Cathy Sherry features on Your Strata Property (27 September 2016) speaking about the immense power our State Governments have given to private citizens in the form of the power to make by-laws. 

Sherry said, "Strata by-laws are, for me, a hot topic becuase they're essentially a form of private legislation. They can be very, very intrusive into people's lives. They often aren't, because people use them wisely, but the way our legislation is drafted they have the potential to be so".

Sherry went on to say, "Essentially it's by-laws that I find most potentially troubling about Strata because it is a mechanism by which the government has given private citizens the power to write laws for their neighbours. That power can be used very well, it potentially however can be used very badly. The simple fact is private citizens, like government, can't always be trusted to do the right thing by other people. Not necessarily also because people are being abusive, because it's very easy for people to convince themselves that exactly what is right for them, is the right option for everyone".

Listen to the full podcast here.