Top law officers sling ‘muck’ in nation’s capital | Law

Top law officers sling ‘muck’ in nation’s capital

Associate Professor Gabrielle Appleby speaks to Lawyers Weekly after Attorney-General George Brandis QC quoted an extract from her recent book, The Role of the Solicitor General: Negotiating Law, Politics and the Public Interest, in a press release last week. This comes after the recent tension between Attorney-General George Brandis QC and Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus QC. 

The quote revealed that during his tenure as Attorney-General from February to September 2013, Mr Dreyfus sought counsel from barristers other than the Solicitor-General. According to Senator Brandis, this makes Mr Dreyfus' criticism hypocritical.

Speaking to Lawyers Weekly Associate Professor Appleby offered some clarity on the matter.

“This criticism is different from what Mr Dreyfus explained was his practice, as set out in my book."

“The issue Mr Drefyus originally criticised was that the Attorney-General had broken a century-long tradition when he failed to consult the Solicitor-General on issues of public importance,” Ms Appleby said.

Associate Professor Appleby gave expert evidence to the Senate committee earlier this month.

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