Interview: Lyria Bennett Moses (UNSW’s ‘Designing Technology Solutions for Access to Justice’ unit) | Law

Interview: Lyria Bennett Moses (UNSW’s ‘Designing Technology Solutions for Access to Justice’ unit)

Associate Professor Lyria Bennett Moses was interviewed by The Legal Forecast (2 March 2017), regarding UNSW Law's new course, 'Designing Technology Solutions for Access to Justice', and the future of law and technology.

Associate Professor Bennett Moses said about the new course, "These skills are increasingly important to the legal profession, and thus students taking the course will open up new career opportunities. At this stage, it is not a core expectation that every legal graduate have these skills, so I would lean towards proactive opportunity."

"I think it is important to ask questions about how the law applies (and should apply) to new activities and new technologies; stay curious! You can do this in every subject (AirBnB and land law; synthetic biology and environmental law; algorithmic decision-making and administrative law). Once law school is over, you are likely to have to solve new problems as well as old ones", she said.

Associate Professor Bennett Moses also advised students to "Think carefully about your “other” degree (in a combined program) and what skills will most benefit you. Often, there are advantages in not following the crowd as you will gain skills that your fellow job applicants don’t have. I studied Pure Mathematics in my Science degree – it gave me a logical thoroughness and conceptual creativity that it is hard to find elsewhere. There are also good reasons to combine with other Science and Engineering programs, such as Computer Science, to gain skills and understanding that are often sought but hard to find among law graduates."

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