Protecting yourself on social media | Law

Protecting yourself on social media

Associate Professor Lyria Bennett Moses appeared on Weekend Sunrise (25 March 2017) discussing cyberspace safety and criminal law in regards to online child pornography.

Associate Professor Bennett Moses said, “If you think about child abuse material, which is what this video was, then it is an offence to produce, disseminate or possess that material”.

“If you haven’t resent it, then you certainly haven’t disseminated it, but the question is whether you have possessed it. Now possession is essentially possession of the device on which there is a file. If, for example, someone sent it to your phone and the phone contains the file then you could be in possession of it. There are some relevant defences here; the concept of innocent possession for example.”

She went on to say, “If you pick up your phone, open the file, start viewing it, realise what it is and delete it, that is also a defence”.

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