Turkey and the Netherlands | Law

Turkey and the Netherlands

Professor Fleur Johns speaks to ABC Radio National (13 April 2017) regarding the Turkey President, President Erdogan, and his plans to campaign to Turkish citizens living in the Netherlands.

“It seems to be the case that [Erdogan] is touching a nerve that's already been made raw by the rise of the far right throughout Europe and doing so for his own political gain,” said Professor Johns.

Professor Johns went on to say, “There are really two key incidents to focus on. One is the treatment of the foreign minister; in that respect I think the Netherlands is probably within its rights, because one treats a foreign minister when travelling abroad as a diplomat, they’re operating under an agreement that they signed up to in the mid 80’s, and they have to act in good faith towards Turkey when operating under a treaty umbrella like that.”

“But they’re entitled to receive prior notice of any arrival and to have all business of the foreign minister conducted through the Dutch foreign ministry. And to ensure that [Erdogan] acts in a way that is consistent with the diplomatic mission. So, I think it’s within their rights to have withdrawn agreement that he should land in the Netherland and campaign in Rotterdam,” she said.

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