Anzac Day-themed nightclub parties slammed as ‘insensitive’, ‘disrespectful’ | Law

Anzac Day-themed nightclub parties slammed as ‘insensitive’, ‘disrespectful’

Dr Catherine Bond speaks to The New Daily (24 April 2017) regarding the recent use of Anzac Day themed advertising for pubs and nightclubs.

Dr Bond said, “Much of the discussion is actually missing a key element — that the Protection of Word Anzac Regulations 1921 (Cth), actually permits use of the term in connection with Anzac Day events.”

“This exemption was introduced in 1979, and it was done in recognition of the fact that, by that time, commemoration activities, and community views about what was appropriate on Anzac Day, had started to change.

“While there are elements to the advertising that might not meet community approval, it probably isn’t a breach of the law,” shesaid.

Dr Bond went on to say, “In 1916, a regulation was passed that it couldn’t be used for commercial purposes. Now businesses need approval in certain circumstances from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the RSL. But the Department of Veterans’ Affairs doesn’t have enough staff to enforce it, so it’s not that effectively policed.”

“There’s still something to many that’s sacred about Anzac Day. There’s a line that people need to be careful not to cross,” she said.

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