Digital media experts call for greater Facebook transparency | Law

Digital media experts call for greater Facebook transparency

David Vaile speaks to ABC PM Radio (22 May 2017) regarding the recent leak of Facebook's guidelines outlining the social media network's guidelines for content monitoring.

Mr Vaile particulary expressed concerned about the social media channel's live streaming funtion, Facebook Live, saying, "I think the idea that you should have no responsibility for setting up a platform that enables live instant broadcasting, you end up attracting both fake news but also, all sorts of attention seeking violence and horror that is now causing people concern".

Mr Vaile went on to say that Facebook needs to change and reevaluate it's role and it's content moderation method, "[Facebook] needs to get rid of the secrecy and embrace a culture of transparency and accountability and engage with the rest of the world, with people with expertise, with skill, with the sort of people that, in the past, have helped guide and deal with these sorts of difficult problems". 

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