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AddVenture Training

Jefferson Taylor at AddVenture Training has generously donated his time to help Rosemary train for the expedition. Jeff and Rosemary work together twice a week and he has provided an enormous amount of support in helping her to train better and smarter.

Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM)

The ANMM has generously donated the use of the ANZ Theatre for Rosemary's public lecture on 8 March 2006 on Melting Moments: The future of polar governance in a warming world.

If you would like to assist Rosemary by way of personal sponsorship please contact Rosemary at r.rayfuse@unsw.edu.au or on (+61 2) 9385 2059.

If you would like to donate to the UNSW Law Faculty Endowment Fund or discuss other possibilities for donating to the Law Faculty please contact the Law Faculty Development Officer, Amanda Hansen, at a.hansen@unsw.edu.au or on (+61 2) 9385 1538. [DONATE HERE]