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Facilities & support


Higher Degree Research Candidates' Area - Level 3

An area has been dedicated on Level 3 specifically for the use of full-time postgraduate research candidates in law.  The area contains petitioned work spaces which each contain a chair, filing cabinet, lockable storage unit, pigeon hole and a networked computer.  Telephone and printer facilities have been provided for the convenience of candidates. 

To facilitate your educational and research activities, computers are set up with internet access as well as a number of applications, including Microsoft Office applications. Endnote software may be installed on your computer if required. It is assumed that you are equipped with basic computer skills (such as familiarity with Microsoft Windows, file management, basic word processing and Internet browsing). Candidates who do not possess these skills should immediately familiarise themselves with these essentials. It is advised that all documents be saved under the default settings (i.e. My Documents) as these folders are backed up onto the server during the log off process.  The UNSW policy in relation to the Acceptable Use of UNSW Information and Communication Technology Resources is available at: https://www.gs.unsw.edu.au/policy/documents/ictprocedure.pdf

Please note that allocation of space in the HDR area is at the discretion of the Director of Postgraduate Research (DPGR), with preference being given to candidates who are likely to use the workspace 4 full days per week.

After hours access to the Higher Degree Research Candidates' Area

After hours access to the postgraduate research candidates' area is available by holding your student ID card near the remote reader located near the doors to the HDR area. The hours of access to the Law Faculty building and the HDR area on level 3 is available to full-time research students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Photocopiers are available in the Facilities Room, which is located on level 2. Please be aware that this is a staff area which contains academics’ mail and other sensitive information. if you need to photocopy material in the Library, please advise Jenny Jarrett on j.jarrett@unsw.edu.au and she will organise for an amount of money as requested by you, to be credited to your student ID card.  The amount that you request will be deducted from your allocation in the research students' exoenditure fund (referred to below).

Stationery Supplies

Should you require stationery please email Law Frontdesk.  In exceptional cases, the general services allocation may be used towards necessary stationery, but the normal expectation is that stationery is provided out of Faculty supplies.


Telephones are provided for use by full-time postgraduate research candidates.  There is no in-house facility for reverse charge calls to be accepted on these telephones.  There is also no direct dial facility for STD, IDD or Mobile calls from this phone. Such calls should be arranged via Jenny Jarrett.  Please also be aware of the needs of other students in the office when using the telephone.


Mail directly related to your study may be posted at Faculty expense.  Place the envelopes in the canvas mail bag in the Mail Room on Level 2.  Your ID card will be programmed so that you have access to the Mail Room.  Please make sure that the door is left shut (automatically locks).

Staff Dining Room

As a postgraduate research candidate you are welcome to use the Staff Dining Room on Level 2 of the Law building for lunch, morning and afternoon tea.  Permission to use the Staff Dining Room is personal to you. Friends or other students not enrolled in the postgraduate research program may not be invited there.  The Staff Seminar, Dining Room and balcony are not to be used as a study area.

HDR Jamboree

Research candidates at the School of Law are invited to attend the monthly ‘HDR Jamboree’.  The Jamboree is a student-run, work-in-progress seminar series, which provides an opportunity for research candidates s to present their research and seek feedback from their peers in an informal and supportive environment.  It is also a great opportunity to get to know other research candidates s and share ideas about the thesis writing process.

The HDR Jamboree is held at 6 pm on the first Tuesday of every month and is accompanied by wine and cheese.  It is open to all candidates enrolled in the PhD and Masters by Research Programs, whether part or full time, based on or off campus.  Jamboree sessions run for approximately one hour – consisting of a presentation, a brief ‘response’ by another candidate and general discussion.  Jamboree presenters may choose to present on any topic or material they wish, including draft chapters, research proposals, conference papers or critiques, and may present work which has been finely polished or is very much ‘in progress’. 

For further information about the HDR Jamboree please contact Chris McElwain at c.mcelwain@unsw.edu.au.

Faculty Morning Tea

A Faculty morning tea is held in the Faculty Common Room every Wednesday morning from 10.45-11.15am. Research candidates are warmly invited to attend. 

Faculty funding for Higher Degree Research Candidates

Financial allocations

The Faculty provides an allocation of up to $500 for full-time candidates and $250 for part-time candidates annually for research expenses which are directly relevant to your research project.  According to budget policy, opertaional funding cannot be carried over to the following year but must spent in the year of the allocation.  This funding can be used for research-related expenses such as off-site photocopying, computer software, books, conference registration, or other expenditure. To access this funding please email Jenny on j.jarrett@unsw.edu.au with your request for funding and what the purpose of the funding is.  Jenny will then forward your request for funding to DPGR Professor Sarah Williams for approval.  Once approval is obtained, Jenny can either purchase or pay for the expense on the Faculty credit card or you can incur the expense yourself and claim for reimbursement.  Candidates will not be reimbursed if purchases are made without prior approval.

Conference Funding

We require candidates who wish to use Faculty funds towards the cost of presenting their research at a conference to apply to the Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS) for funding before they apply to the Faculty.

The PRSS is a University initiative to provide eligible postgraduate research candidates s the opportunity to apply for funding to assist in presenting their research at local or international conferences.  All information, including application forms and instructions, is available at research.unsw.edu.au/prss-conference-travel-funds.

Fieldwork Funding

Apart from the above financial allocation, additional grants of up to $5000 per candidate are available on a competitive basis to support fieldwork research.    The deadline for the next round of funding will be advertised shortly.   If you miss the deadline, or only need a smaller amount, applications for amounts up to $500 may be made directly to Professor Edmond.  Such applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.  If your fieldwork requires ethics approval, information on how to obtain this is available at: https://research.unsw.edu.au/human-research-ethics-home

For examples of fieldwork undertaken by HDR candidates during their candidature please visit: http://www.law.unsw.edu.au/node/43744.

Research Candidate Business Card

If you would like to have available a business card stating that you are candidate in a research program in the Faculty of Law at UNSW, please contact Jenny on j.jarrett@unsw.edu.au, who will organise for such a card to be printed.  The cost for 250 business cards is $85.00 and this amount will be deducted from your research students' expenditure allocation.

Faculty Research Committee and Faculty Board and role of Research Candidates' Representative

Faculty Research Committee and Faculty Board

The Faculty Research Committee is responsible for the administration of research degrees and for providing advice to the Dean on admission strategies into the teaching programs.

The membership of the Committee includes the Dean, Associate Dean for Research, Director of Postgraduate Research, Director of Research, a number of other academics and at least one Research Student Representative. Candidate representatives are not present during the Committee’s consideration of matters concerning individual research candidates.

The Faculty Board is the forum for collegial participation on all staff in matters which concern the Faculty, with a particular focus on planning and strategic direction.  All academic members of the Faculty, whether full-time or fractional appointments, are members of the Faculty Board, as is the Research Candidate Representative.

Research Candidate Representatives

Your current representative  on both the Committee and the Board is Chris McElwain.  The role of the postgraduate representative has a number of aspects but generally involves the simple task of being attentive to the varied needs, concerns and views of UNSW Law Faculty research candidates and being a conduit between the Research Committee, Board and postgraduate researchers.

The postgraduate representative attends scheduled meetings of the Faculty Research Committee and Faculty Board, providing each of them with a unique insight into the research strategies, strengths and concerns of the Faculty of Law. The representative is also provided with the opportunity of voicing the concerns of postgraduate research candidates  in relation to such matters as building certain research strengths, changes by the University to procedures or policies affecting research students' candidature, as well as advising the Board and Committee of events and achievements on behalf of the research student body.

In addition to these functions,  a number of other activities for research candidates are organised. These include a monthly social dinner, postgraduate work-in-progress seminar series and a fortnightly HDR candidate ‘jamboree’.  These activities provide an opportunity for postgraduate research candidates  to get to know each other and to share and discuss their research in a supportive environment with their peers.


Useful Contact details for Postgraduate Research Candidates

For assistance at any time please contact one of the following members of staff:

Higher Degree Research Officer
Jenny Jarrett Ext: 53821

Associate Dean (Research)
Professor Fleur Johns


Director of Postgraduate Research    
Professor Sarah Williams


University resources and support for Research Candidates

For information on resources and support that the University provides for research students, please visit the following website: http://research.unsw.edu.au/useful-links

If you require any further information in relation to the resources and support provided by the Faculty of Law or the University please email Jenny Jarrett on j.jarrett@unsw.edu.au or call her on 02 9385 3821.