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Graduated Research Students 2006 - 2017

PhD in Law

Hadeel Al-Alosi, 'Fantasy Crime' (Alana Maurushat/Alex Steel)

Rebecca Ananian-Welsh, 'A purposive formalist interpretation of Chapter III of the Australian Constitution' (George Willimas/Andrew Lynch)

Sharmila Betts, 'A critical analysis of medical opinion in child homicide cases' (Gary Edmond/Emma Cunliffe)

Nicholas Roy Baker, ‘Ordinary Unreasonable People: Social attitudes and defamation law’ (Michael Chesterman/Brendan Edgeworth)

Peter Blanchard, 'Government industry partnerships in WTO litigation - A comparative analysis: Australia and the USA' (Colin Picker/Lisa Toohey/Ross Buckley)

Catherine Bond, ‘For the Term of His Natural Life.... Plus seventy years: Mapping Australia's Public Domain’ (Graham Greenleaf/Kathy Bowrey)

Tracey Booth, 'Accommodating justice: An exploratory study of structures and processes that shape victim participation and the presentation of victim impact statements in the sentencing of homicide offenders in the NSW Supreme Court' (David Brown/Sandra Egger)

Chantal Bostock, ‘The review of Section 501 decisions by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal’ (Arthur Glass/Mark Aronson)

Jacoba Brasch, ‘More Martial than Court: From exceptionalism to fair trial convergence in Australian Courts Martial’ (Andrew Byrnes)

Roberto Buonamano, ‘International Legal Theory’ (Dirk Meure)

Christine Burns, ‘Online legal services: The revolution that failed?’ (Graham Greenleaf)

Sophie Cacciaguidi-Fahy, ‘Regulating radical political dissent: Lessons from the case of Ireland and the Treason Felony Act 1848' (Martin Krygier/Fergal Davis)

Juan Chen, ‘Mergers and acquisitions of listed companies in China by foreign investment’ (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Hui Huang/Andrew Finch)

Philip Chung, 'Overcoming technical challenges in developing a global free-access legal information system for research - the WorldLII experience' (Graham Greenleaf/Alan Tyree)

Cristy Clark, ‘The role of participation in the realisation of the human right to water for the urban populations’ (Andrea Durbach/Rosemary Rayfuse)

Gabriela Cuadrado, 'Governing the misunderstood and hidden natural resource.  Implementing the principles of sustainability and participation in groundwater governance practice' (Rosemary Rayfuse/Cameron Holley)

Emily Crawford, ‘Unequal before the law: eliminating the distinction between types of armed conflict in international law’ (Rosemary Rayfuse)

Andrew Dahdal, ‘History in constitutional interpretation: The banking power as a case study in transparent constitutional reasoning’ (Theunis Roux/Peter Gillies)

Dominique Dalla-Pozza, ‘The Australian approach to enacting counter-terrorism laws’ (George Williams/Andrew Lynch)

Imelda Deinla, ‘The development of the rule of law in ASEAN: The state and regional integration’ (Adam Czarnota)

Michael Scott Donald, 'Trusting in trust.  The role of trust law in the regulatory scheme applied to superannuation in Australia' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Simone Degeling)

Andre Geraldes, 'Sustainable development and development banks in the Brazilian Amazon' (Andrew Byrnes/Gillian Moon)

Umair Ghori, ‘Post-Quota Directions of Global Textiles and Clothing Trade – A Legal and Policy Analysis (Ross Buckley/Bryan Mercurio)

Beth Goldblatt, ‘Developing the right to social security from a gender perspective’ (Andrew Byrnes/Christine Forster)

Cassandra Goldie, ‘Living in public space: A human rights wasteland’ (George Williams)

David Grant, ‘The mythological state and its empire’ (Martin Krygier)

Donald Grattan, ‘The logos of land: economic and proprietarian conceptions of statutory access rights’ (Brendan Edgeworth)

Michael Grewcock, ‘Crimes of exclusion: the Australian State's responses to unauthorised migrants’ (David Brown)

Maggie Hall, ‘The prison project: penal culture and the re-invention of the prison in Australia’ (Chris Cunneen/David Brown)

Keiran Hardy (The link is no longer available), ‘Ruthlessness and sympathy: Smart Power Thinking in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency'  (George Williams/Ben Golder/Lucia Zedner)

Jacklyn Hartley, ‘Consultation, consent and the rights of indigenous peoples to their lands, territories and resources’ (Sean Brennan/Megan Davis/Theunis Roux)

Hannah Harris, 'Transnational anti-corruption law in the Pacific' (Sarah Williams/Michael Grewcock)

Grant Hooper, 'Through the Migration Act looking glass: Can procedural fairness be distinguished by a legislative code - towards the waterfall of invalidity' (Mark Aronson/Arthur Glass/Rosalind Dixon)

Anna Huggins, 'Evaluating compliance systems in Multilateral Environmental Agreements: Implications for the administration of global environmental governance' ( Bronwen Morgan/Rosemary Rayfuse)

Joseph Indaimo, 'The self, the other and human rights: Lacan, Levinas and the ethics of alterity' (Robert Shelly/Arthur Glass)

Aline Jaeckel, ‘The International Seabed Authority and the Protection of Marine Biodiversity in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction.’ (Rosemary Rayfuse/Sarah Williams)

Huiqin Jiang, ‘The foreign investment review system in Australia: Its approach to foreign investments from Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in comparison to similar investors from other countries’ (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Colin Picker)

Katharine Kemp, 'Australia's rejection of the Effects Test for misuse of market power: Lone genius or outdated anomaly?' (Ross Buckley/Rhonda Smith)

Pervaiz Khan, 'Effective utilisation of WTO dispute settlement system by Pakistan: A public-private partnership approach' (Leon Trakman/Lisa Toohey)

Niamh Kinchin, ‘Accountable decision-making in a global context: UNHCR and refugee status determination’ (Jane McAdam/Sarah Williams)

Koesrianti, ‘The ASEAN trade dispute settlement mechanism: from diplomacy to legalism’ (Rosemary Rayfuse/Bryan Mercurio)

Mitchell Landrigan, ‘Can the Australian Constitution Protect Speech about Religion or by Religious Leaders? (George Williams)

Karen Lee, ‘Legitimacy in the new regulatory state’ (Kathy Bowrey/Angus Corbett/Lesley Hitchens)

Teresa Libesman, 'A human rights framework for indigenous children's welfare and wellbeing' (Chris Cunneen)

Susanne Lloyd-Jones, ‘From government to governance? Administering communications sector security in the era of convergence and global terrorism’ (Kathy Bowrey/Derek Wilding)

Erin Mackay, ‘Scope for reform: How the legal system addresses sexual assault against indigenous women and children in the family violence context’ (Julie Stubbs/Ben Golder)

Alana Maurushat, 'Botnet Badinage: Regulatory approaches to combating botnets' (Graham Greenleaf/Roger Clarke)

Katherine McFarlane, ‘An examination of the trajectories and drift of children in care to the criminal justice system in NSW’ (Julie Stubbs/Eileen Baldry)

Nicola McGarrity, 'Defining terrorism by reference to cause' (Jill Hunter/Andrew Lynch)

Daniel Meagher, ‘Rethinking the regulation of race hate in Australia’ (George Williams)

James Metzger, ‘Reformation of civil procedure rules to enhance access to justice in Australian Federal courts’ (Gary Edmond/Michael Legg)

Sela Moa, ‘A human rights’ based approach to women’s land rights in Tonga’ (Christine Forster/Janice Gray)

Nicholas Morris, 'Disclosure and regulation declared and undeclared costs in management of superannuation and other investment funds' (Justin O'Brien/Ross Buckley/Hazel Bateman)

Michael Nancarrow, ‘Between the market and the state: The regulatory reform of community housing in New South Wales – Contractual, proprietary and governance frameworks’ (Brendan Edgeworth/Martin Krygier)

Jennifer Norberry, ‘Law and national security crisis – contemporary Australian perspective’ (George Williams/Andrew Lynch)

Gillian North, '"Public' not selective reporting - Towards a fair and efficient listed company' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Jeoff Coulton)

Emma Palmer, 'International criminal law in South East Asia: Beyond the International Criminal Court' (Andrew Byrnes/Sarah Williams)

Colin Picker, 'The feasibility and value of comparative and legal cultural analysis of international economic law' (Ross Buckley/Leon Trakman)

Sangeetha Pillai, 'Citizenship and anti-terror laws' (George Williams/Fergal Davis)

Sally Richards, 'The acquisition and circulation of legal knowledge in merits review ' (Theunis Roux/Arthur Glass/Simon Halliday)

Sophie Riley, ‘Invasive alien species and the protection of biodiversity: the role of quarantine laws in resolving inadequacies in the international legal regime’ (Rosemary Rayfuse)

John Selby, ‘An institutional analysis of the .au Domain Name Space’ (Graham Greenleaf/Roger Clarke)

Cathleen Sherry, ‘The social and legal implications of strata and community title’ (Brendan Edgeworth/Scott Grattan)

Yogeswaran Subramaniam, 'Orang Asli land rights by UNDRIP standards in peninsular Malaysia: An evaluation and possible reform' (Sean Brennan/Janice Gray)

Leon Terrill, ‘Aboriginal land tenure in the Northern Territory’ (Sean Brennan/Megan Davis)

Steven Thomson, ‘Crown appeals against inadequacy of sentence in NSW’ (Jill Hunter/George Zdenkowski/David Arnott)

Anton Trichardt, ‘Letters of Comfort: A comparative law and trans-systemic analysis of chameleonic instruments’ (Ross Buckley/Paul Redmond)

Tamara Tulich, ‘The rise of the preventative state? Prevention and pre-emption in mental health, serious offender and anti-terror laws’ (George Williams/Fergal Davis)

Anne Twomey, ‘The de-colonisation of the Australian States’ (Kevin Booker/Arthur Glass)

Greg Weeks, ‘Australian public authorities which breach their soft law: Remedies and suggested reforms’ (Mark Aronson/Theunis Roux)

Wei Wen, Formality in real property sale contracts in modern China with a common law perspective’ (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Keith Mason)

Wei Wen, ‘Formality of real property sale contracts, its application rules, legal consequence of non-compliance and legal techniques to address such non-compliance in China’ (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Keith Mason/Qiao Liu) - See more at:

Kelvin Widdows, ‘Sir John Latham’ (Andrew Lynch/George Williams)

Scarlet Wilcock, 'How to catch a welfare cheat: Policing welfare fraud in Australia' (Julie Stubbs/Alex Steel)

Amanda Wilson, ' A recipe for inequality? Gender and therapeutic jurisprudence in criminal justice' (Julie Stubbs/Eileen Baldry)

Shu Zhang, ‘China's approach in defining public policy in the recognition and enforcement of International Commercial Arbitration Awards and its impacts in international arbitration practices’ (Leon Trakman/Lillian Corbin)

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SJD in Law

Scott Calnan, ‘In the trenches: a comparative analysis of the nature of effectiveness of the mobilisation of law by domestic human rights NGOs in the United State, Britain and Germany’ (Judge Elizabeth Evatt/Annette Manfording/Arthur Glass)

Pornsakol Coorey, ‘Restraining arbitrary power in Thailand: The sociological approach in examining the Rule of Law’ (Adam Czarnota/Kriangsak Kittichaisaree)

Thi Minh Nguyen, ‘Legal and professional challenges confronting practising lawyers in contemporary Vietnam’ (Martin Krygier/Adam Czarnota)

Belinda Russon, ‘The law of equality and justice  - Evaluating domestic violence outcomes for Aboriginal women in New South Wales’ ( Chris Cunneen/Alex Steel)

Fritz Siregar, 'Constitutional politics in Indonesia' (Theunis Roux/Simon Butt)

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LLM by Research

Nicole Bromberger, ‘Mental Illness and negligence law’ (Arthur Glass/Robert Shelly)

David Carter, 'Lost in transmission: Laws insubordinate openness and the use of HIV-related criminal offences in the governance of HIV in NSW' (Ben Golder/Tyrone Kirchengast)

Manoj Dias-Abeygunawardena, 'Balancing employee protection with promoting business productivity during organisational restructuring' (Deborah Healey/ Michael Quinlan)

Francesca Dominello, ‘Lessons in History in the High Court's approach to Native Title in Australia’ (Arthur Glass)

Robin Higgs, ‘Implantable surgical devices – issues of product liability’ (Gail Pearson)

Ilan Lewis, ‘Sussing out the Vibe: Searching for a principled approach to acquisitions of property under the Australian Constitution’ (Brendan Edgeworth/Theunis Roux)

Wenwen Lu, 'Rethinking preventative detention from an international human rights perspective: A comparative research of Australia, Malaysia and Singapore' (Andrew Byrnes/Andrew Lynch)

Katherine Nesbitt, ‘The preventive detention of terrorist suspects in the United States and Australia: a comparative constitutional analysis’ (George Williams/Andrew Lynch)

Ricardo Sunga, ‘On locating the rights of the lost’ (Andrew Byrnes/Jane McAdam)

David Thorpe,'Athlete Endorsement Restrictions as Unreasonable Restraints of Trade' (Deborah Healey/Brendan Edgeworth)

Jessica Wyndham, ‘Rhetoric versus reality: the guiding principles on internal displacement 1998-2008’ (Justine Nolan/Jane McAdam)

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