Honours (Students commencing 2014 or before) | Law

Honours (Students commencing 2014 or before)

Honours in Law* provides a mark of distinction and is awarded to UNSW Law graduates of the highest calibre. Honours is a recognition both in Australia and internationally of the quality of Law graduates. Juris Doctor students are eligible to graduate with Distinction - please see Juris Doctor with distinction

*The Faculty’s Honours policy was reviewed in 2015. Students who commenced the LLB in or before 2014 and meet the eligibility criteria may transfer to the new LLB (Honours) program for students if they wish. 

To be awarded Honours in Law, students are not required to complete an additional year. Applicants must read the Honours Information Sheet before applying. The Honours Nomination Form for Semester 2 2018 & Summer 2018/19 is available until Friday 16 November 2018.

Honours in Law is based on academic excellence throughout the degree. There are FOUR criteria relevant for awarding Honours:

  • Completion of all degree requirements of Dual Law or Graduate Law 

Only students in their final semester of study who wish to be considered for the award of Honours should apply to Law Student Services.

  • Attainment of the Honours Weighted Average Mark (WAM) in law

Honours WAM is calculated using the WAM from core courses as 60% of the Honours WAM and the WAM from elective courses as 40% of Honours WAM.


CourseWAM (%)





Law Honours
(75.15 X 60%) + (76.80 x 40%)


*Note that the prescribed elective (LAWS2820/LAWS2326/LAWS2320/LAWS2384) counts towards the core WAM.

  • Sufficient performance in research-based assessment tasks 
    To demonstrate this, a student must complete one long substantial piece (i.e. 6uoc research thesis) OR research assessment tasks with a cumulative total of 9000 words or more (i.e. 3000 words or more each) in their program that is awarded a credit (65%) or higher. Please remember to collect and keep original copies of research papers that are eligible for Honours Nomination. IMPORTANT: Effective from S1 2013, research essays completed while on Exchange or through cross-institutional study will NOT be accepted for the purpose of Honours Nomination. 

  • Not been found guilty of plagiarism or serious misconduct on more than one occasion and not more than one failure in the law program

Classes of Honours

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree will be awarded with the following classes:

  • Honours Class 1 - Honours WAM of 79.00 or above
  • Honours Class 2, Division 1 - Honours WAM 77.00 to 78.99
  • Honours Class 2, Division 2 - Honours WAM 75.00 to 76.99