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International student profile

Imelda Deinla

The Phillipines - PhD
"UNSW offers much more than excellent academic support and innovative teaching"

According to Imelda Deinla, having already completed her Master of Laws (LLM) at UNSW, the University offers much more than excellent academic support, innovative teaching, and facilities.

“The combination of academic rigor and supportive staff and colleagues, all helped in expanding my knowledge not only about my research interest but also the world in general and also contributed to making me a better person in terms of understanding of different perspectives, world views and culture,” says the Phillipines national, who started studying at UNSW in 2003.

The option to develop non-academic areas of her skills – such as negotiation and facilitation – has also been a major bonus of studying at UNSW, she says.

Imelda, who is set to give her first presentation at an international conference in Melbourne this year, is investigating the feasibility and viability of a harmonised legal framework for the ASEAN countries in the run up to the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community. “I’m interested in reconstructing the function of the rule of law in ASEAN member countries and how it has impacted on the institutional dynamics of the organization and therefore on the future initiative for legalization in ASEAN,” she says.


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