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International Law & Policy Group

The International Law and Policy Group is a group of scholars based at UNSW Law with membership open to scholars from all disciplines. It was established in February 2004 to contribute to the development of research in, and the teaching and dissemination of, international law through:

  • offering a comprehensive range of contemporary and innovative courses in the field of international law
  • undertaking research projects in international law, where appropriate in collaboration with others at UNSW or in other institutions
  • holding seminars and conferences to explore contemporary issues in the field of international law
  • developing links with international lawyers, nationally, regionally and internationally, in order to explore collaboration in the research, teaching and practice of international law
  • encouraging students to develop their knowledge of international law and to gain intensive training in advocacy by supporting the international law competitive moot program
  • providing high quality supervision for students wishing to undertake research in the field of international law
  • providing expert commentary on issues of international law
  • contributing to policy debate on issues of national and international importance by the preparation of policy papers and other publications, and engaging in community debate on current issues of international law and policy
  • developing the possibilities for students to undertake internships in the international law field, whether at UNSW, or in other institutions in Australia or abroad
  • building on UNSW’s historical connections with the Asia-Pacific region, to develop strong contacts with international lawyers and institutions in that region