2011 Prizes and Dean's List Recipients | Law

2011 Prizes and Dean's List Recipients

Prizes for 2011 Academic Year  
 Prize NameCriteriaPrize Winner
 The Dixon Family Indigenous Law Prize Best performing student in the Indigenous Pre-Law ProgramJimari Bastable
2011 Prizes and Dean's List RecipientsThe Law Society of NSW PrizeBest performing student in Stage 1 of the Bachelor of Laws ProgramJames Norton
2011 Prizes and Dean's List RecipientsThe Ashurst Prize Best performing student in Stage 2 of the Bachelor of Laws ProgramEmma Ann Bowers
2011 Prizes and Dean's List RecipientsThe Herbert Smith Freehills Prize Best performing student in Stage 3 of the Bachelor of Laws ProgramLeah Grolman
2011 Prizes and Dean's List RecipientsThe Baker & McKenzie Prize Best performing student in Stage 4 of the Bachelor of Laws ProgramEmily Burke
2011 Prizes and Dean's List RecipientsThe Minter Ellison PrizeBest performing student in Stage 5 of the Bachelor of Laws ProgramSean Ming-Jun Lau
2011 Prizes and Dean's List RecipientsThe Allens Arthur Robinson PrizeBest performing student in Stage 1 of the Juris Doctor ProgramNolan Sharkey
2011 Prizes and Dean's List RecipientsThe Banki Haddock Fiora Prize*Best performing student in Stage 2 of the Juris DoctorSimon Philip Lindsay
2011 Prizes and Dean's List RecipientsThe Truman Hoyle Prize*Best performing student in Stage 3 of the Juris Doctor or Graduate Law Program*Amber Doyle
2011 Prizes and Dean's List RecipientsThe Public Defenders PrizeBest performing student across all postgraduate programs in the Law SchoolCatriona Jane Cotton

Dean's List for Best Performance in Specific Courses

The following students have been awarded the Dean’s Award for Best Performance in a Course in the 2011 academic year:

Course CodeCourse DescriptionFirstnameSurname
LAWS8066/JURD7466Australian Climate LawSantiagoAcevedo Ferrer
LAWS8188/JURD7488Law of Armed ConflictLuke DavidAkele
LAWS8030/JURD7330Cybercrime, Security & Digital Law EnforcementBrin Ellen MayAnniwell
LAWS8274Introduction to Public LawAngeliciAntzoulatos
LAWS8016International & Comparative Intellectual PropertyAdam NathanArnold
LAWS3291/3190/2091/2090Issues in Space LawAdam NathanArnold
LAWS8023Commercial Contracts: Problems of Performance, Breach & TerminationRichard JohnBaird
LAWS8112Construction of Commercial AgreementsRichard JohnBaird
LAWS3361Environmental LawLastariBalfour
LAWS8989/JURD7689Advanced International Trade LawDavid JohnBall
LAWS8025/JURD7425Commercial Property TransactionLanaBank
LAWS8013/JURD7713Transnational Policing & Human RightsBianca MaBautista
LAWS8182/JURD7682International Aspects of Social JusticeElizabeth JaneBedford
LAWS2320/JURD7223Legal TheoryMarcusBerghouse
LAWS8993/JURD7593International Business TransactionsZoranaBosanska
LAWS8027/JURD7427Advanced Debt Capital Markets & SecuritisationAbigail SelinaBoyd
LAWS8157European Human Rights Law & InstitutionsAlexia MarieBull
LAWS8082/JURD7782Peaceful Settlement of International DisputesAlexia MarieBull
LAWS8141Censorship, Contempt and the MediaLouisBurkard
LAWS3331/3332/2820/2320Law & Social TheoryEmily MeredithBurke
LAWS2311Litigation 1Emily MeredithBurke
LAWS3170/JURD7370Essential AdvocateDavidBuxton-Forman
LAWS3317Strategic Public Advocacy for Civil SocietyKathleen MaryCarmody
LAWS1071Contracts 1WeltonChan
LAWS3133Law of BankingYingChen
JURD7211Litigation 1Aaron ConnellyChia
LAWS2820/JURD7222Law &Social TheoryJanetChieng
LAWS3221Media Law: General PrinciplesMatthew WilliamCobb-Clark
LAWS1072Contracts 2Carla FrancesCorben
LAWS8014/JURD7514Defamation & the MediaMark AlistairCoulter
LAWS8056/JURD7556Disability Law & PolicyTara LouiseCrisp
LAWS1001Criminal Law 1Stephanie EllenCrosbie
LAWS3248Intellectual Property 2Yuk Yee EvelynDai
LAWS3024Commercial FinanceRichardDavey
LAWS3272Australian Immigration Law & PracticeAmberDoyle
LAWS3067International Criminal Law &Transitional JusticeEleanor RachelDoyle-Markwick
LAWS3478Criminal Fraud & DishonestyBethany Mei JuanDu
LAWS8180Principles of International LawJohanne StendalEide
JURD7171Contracts 1Thomas MichaelEllicott
LAWS3273Local Government LawDavidEvans
LAWS2382Property & Equity 2AlanaEyles
LAWS8081/JURD7681Advanced Issues in International LawMartinFuller
LAWS8210/JURD7710Globalisation & Commercial LawJames RonaldGard
LAWS8220/JURD7520International Financial System: Policy & RegulationJames RonaldGard
JURD7160Administrative LawSteven PatrickGardiner
LAWS3135Land Dealings: Residential & Commercial ContractsAshley LloydGeorge
LAWS8042Commercial Transactions Involving IPLinda MelanieGough
LAWS8083/JURD7683Sports Sponsorship & Marketing: Commercial IssuesJoshua ThomasGray
LAWS1160Administrative LawLeahGrolman
LAWS8105/JURD7505Juvenile JusticeMelissa SueHamblin
LAWS8991/JURD7891International Criminal LawMelissa KathleenHanks
LAWS3022Trade PracticesMelissa KathleenHanks
LAWS3181/JURD7381International Humanitarian LawSamuelHartridge
LAWS8054Media & Communications Industry RegulationsJuliaHolland
LAWS8183International Commercial ArbitrationRomanHuber
JURD7110Law, Lawyers & SocietyMatthew AllenHuster
LAWS8074/JURD7474Competition Law & Intellectual PropertyNina JacquelineHyde
LAWS8017/JURD7617Intellectual Property LawNina JacquelineHyde
LAWS8140Finance for LawyersNinaHyde
LAWS3381Public International LawJessie AliceIngle
LAWS8080/JURD7380Insurance LawJonathan DavidIreland
LAWS1210Law, Lawyers & SocietyMarieIskander
LAWS3059Advanced Topics in TaxationGagandeepJior
LAWS2321Litigation 2AaronJones
LAWS3315Strategic Public Advocacy for Civil SocietyPratheepaKandaswamy
LAWS8033/JURD7433Privacy & the MediaBenjamin SomervilleKay
LAWS8020/JURD7420International Commercial Dispute ResolutionCatherine RuthKelso
LAWS3017The Politics of Human Rights: Theory & CritiqueAngela AnastasiaKintominas
LAWS8076/JURD7376Current Issues in Criminal JusticeJoannaKnight
LAWS1061TortsDivya RaniKumar
LAWS3014Insolvency LawDavid Lok-WaiKwan
LAWS8077/JURD7477Foundation of FacilitationDennisKwok
LAWS3068Global Legal SystemsAlexander RussellLangshaw
LAWS8319/JURD7619International Environmental LawAlexander RussellLangshaw
LAWS3391/2391Family LawSean Ming-JunLau
LAWS2150Federal Constitutional LawSean Ming-JunLau
LAWS3187Forced Migration & Human Rights in International LawSean Ming-JunLau
LAWS3281Statutory InterpretationSean Ming-JunLau
LAWS3382/JURD7482Conflict of LawsSean Ming-JunLau
JURD7111Criminal Law 2Julia Hoi YeeLee
LAWS3147Elements of Income Tax LawJonghaLee
LAWS3812Sport & the LawSaraLindemann
JURD7281Property, Equity & Trusts 1Simon PhillipLindsay
LAWS3025/2025Advanced Contract LawSerinaLyons
LAWS3395/2395Interpretation of ContractsSerinaLyons
LAWS8028/JURD7428Corporate GovernanceBeverly JoyMagpayo
LAWS8085/JURD7585International OrganisationsEvaMagyar
LAWS8062Advanced Issues in Property LawBiancaMarcocci
LAWS2010Business Associations 1BiancaMarcocci
LAWS3046Intellectual Property 1Hana ClareMarjanac
JURD7172Contracts 2Philip StewartMarr
LAWS8060/JURD7460Human Rights in AsiaAlison MaryMartin
LAWS8087/JURD7487International Law & the Use of ForceMax BitconMcClellan
LAWS8189/JURD7589Transnational Business & Human RightsRobert JamesMcCreery
LAWS8994/JURD7594Fraud, Forgery & DishonestyKate MargaretMeikle
LAWS8875Fiduciary Duties and Conflict of InterestDanielMendoza-Jones
LAWS8095/JURD7695Corporate InsolvencyRichard LeonardMico
LAWS8765Complex Commercial LitigationTanjaMikulic
LAWS8190/JURD7490International Refugee LawTanjaMikulic
LAWS8980/JURD7480Principled (Interest Based) NegotiationGuy JosephMoloney
LAWS8144Comparative Trade Mark LawJuliana Liah NahNg
LAWS3057Advanced Intellectual Property Policy & PracticeVinaNgo
LAWS1052Foundations of LawJames AaronNorton
LAWS8026Banking & Finance LawMaree SuzanneO'Halloran
LAWS3222Communications Law: Broadcasting & TelecommunicationsChia Hoe IanOng
LAWS3192Business Associations 2Rommo DipPandit
LAWS3589Complex Civil LitigationRommo DipPandit
LAWS3058Business Entity TaxationSapnaPatel
LAWS8151/JURD7551European Union: Institutions & Legal SystemsAndiaPetropoulos
LAWS3139Indonesian LawAndiaPetropoulos
JURD7140Public LawJacqueline BridgetPollard
LAWS8972/JURD7472International Trade LawJudy Yuk YeePoon
LAWS8181/JURD7781International Human RightsDavid DuncansonPrast
LAWS8981/JURD7881Mastering FacilitationLisa EllenPusey
LAWS3142The Conceptual Framework of the Common LawRichard EricRaffell
LAWS8011/JURD7511Anti-Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime: Laws & Counter MeasuresGarreth JustinRenner-Mitchell
JURD7221Litigation 2RobertRowland
LAWS3314Dispute ResolutionEmily Jayne GrantRumble
LAWS2381Property, Equity & Trusts 1Emily Jayne GrantRumble
LAWS3021Foundations of Intellectual Property LawShiraSaks
LAWS3241Jewish LawShiraSaks
LAWS3084International Trade Law: The Law & Policy of the WTOSamuel RajanSathiakumar
LAWS8038/JURD7438Chinese Corporate & Securities Law: A comparative perspectiveAmy WeiShi
LAWS3335Economic Analysis of LawMing TaiSong
LAWS3251/JURD7451Legal HistoryJonathan AlexanderStephens
LAWS8103Crime Prevention PolicyKellyTallon
LAWS8044/JURD7344Electronic Commerce LawKellyTallon
LAWS1140Public LawPalakThaker
LAWS8366/JURD7366Environmental MarketsMatthias StevenThompson
JURD7152Foundations of LawWilliam TimothyTidmarsh
LAWS3123Chinese Legal SystemBrandyTsang
JURD7101Criminal Law 1Emily AliceTucker
LAWS8075/JURD7475Gender, Race & JusticeAlanna JanVan Der Veen
LAWS3018Commercial LawBorisWaldman
LAWS3134Issues in EquityBorisWaldman
LAWS8413/JURD7613Indigenous Peoples in International LawRenee SophiaWallace
LAWS8203/JURD7603Global Issues in Competition Law & PolicyPrudence MeredithWeaver
LAWS8314Dispute ResolutionBede AugustineWebster
LAWS8192/JURD7892Law, Rights & DevelopmentElizabeth MoniqueWells
JURD7282Property, Equity 2William DanielWells
LAWS8064/JURD7364Regulation, Litigation & EnforcementSarah LouiseWheeler
LAWS3102Advanced Criminal LawCelesteWhite
LAWS3182International Human Rights Law & AdvocacyAlisa NicoleWicks
LAWS8073/JURD7473Asian Competition LawNicole LouiseWilson
LAWS3303Clinical Legal Experience (Intensive)Dominic Clayton Joe YiuWong
LAWS8065/JURD7465International Climate LawGlen WilliamWright
LAWS8070/JURD7470Renewable Energy LawGlen WilliamWright
LAWS8086Law of the SeaWeiyuXu
LAWS8092/JURD7992Securities & Financial Markets RegulationJonathon Hung KitYeung
LAWS8391/JURD7691International Law of Equality & DiscriminationAlevZerenturk
LAWS8047IP Licensing & CommercialisationThomasZogg
LAWS8148IP Strategy & ManagementThomasZogg
LAWS8271Australian Legal SystemNadine NellyZollinger-Pittori