Nerds Unite | Law

Nerds Unite

Justine Rogers talks to The Sydney Daily Telegraph about her job as a lecturer at UNSW Law and as a comic.

Sharp of tongue, wild of wit and generally big of brain - little wonder her friends hassled out Justine Rogers to give stand-up comedy a crack. Trouble was, she had a PhD to finish.

"It became this thing of OK when I finish my thesis I'll do it and I think the embarrassment of saying that to so many people outweighed my fear of doing it in the end, although getting up for the first time was petrifying, but I've been doing comedy for two years now," she recalls.

The now Dr Rogers was in London back then, doing her thesis in ethnographic studies and looking at culture and power among London's barrister clique. These days she lectures in ethics at UNSW's Faculty of Law during the day, while at night you can catch her on Sydney's comedy circuit. Although at first glance it may not seem it, comedy and academia are easy bedfellows.

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