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Environmental Law

Emma French

Graduate Lawyer, Mattila Lawyers
Environmental Law
Year commenced: 

"The stand out attributes of the Environmental Law stream at UNSW are: the quality of teaching, and the opportunities for development provided to students. 

Lecturers in Environmental law are leaders in their sub specialities, having advised governments, and worked for international bodies and top law firms. It’s a fairly common experience to be researching a paper and stumble over a lecturer’s work as authority, and a fairly humbling one when you realise you commented on the topic the day before in class! More importantly however, the way classes are taught reflect that experience and expertise. I was encouraged to be innovative and original in my approach to assignments, and extend my research beyond the classroom. With the support of several lecturers I was able to turn a class paper into a peer reviewed publication.

Working as a Research Assistant, I got what felt like a crash course in every topical issue in International environmental law! I was also able to work on several research projects with the Environmental Law Group. Students studying environmental law at all levels of study have the opportunity to contribute to research projects such as submissions for White Papers and group reports with the group. At UNSW law, and this stream particularly, if you’re motivated to learn- you’ll be given every opportunity to achieve.

The types of papers and projects I worked on as a student meant I had writing samples for fellowship applications. I had (enough!) of an understanding of the mechanics behind legislation to work in a team contracted to draft legislation. I think that the range of courses and opportunities available in the Environmental Law stream sets you up for advisory work, work in corporate firms or IGOS."

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