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Law Summer Courses

Spend your summer wisely - alternate between relaxing at the beach and adding more credits to your degree

UNSW Law is offering you the opportunity to get aheadgo beyond and catch up in your program with a diverse range of courses available for summer school. The course content is the same as it would be in a normal semester, but the format is more intense so you can complete the course in a much shorter timeframe. 

Enrol for the opportunity to:

  • Get ahead and fast track your degree by doing an extra elective or two! Minimise your workload next semester or complete your degree earlier.
  • Catch up on your courses by using the quieter summer session to study your required courses with fewer distractions.

What Law courses are available in Summer?

  • Undergraduate - Electives
  • JD - Core Courses and Electives
  • Postgraduate - A small number of courses are on offer each summer session

Law Courses - Provisional for Summer 2017/2018

Timetable Information will be released on the Law Timetable Planner in September 2017.

JD Core Courses

Please note:  

  • JURD7175 Contracts will not be offered
  • No additional JD core courses will be offered. 


Undergraduate/JD Electives


Postgraduate/JD Electives


Overseas Electives

For further information please refer to the Overseas Electives website. 


General Education Courses


When does Summer Session run?

Please refer to the UNSW Academic Calendar for the Summer teaching period dates.

The timetable information will be added to the Law Timetable Planner in September 2017.

Summer School Enrolment 

  • Current UNSW students enrol via MYUNSW in Summer School courses
  • Students wishing to study Summer courses as Non-Award (single course enrolment) or via Cross-Institutional study (studying at another university) should refer to the Non-Award and Cross Institutional Study website for deadlines and application forms. Please note these applications can take up to 4 weeks to be processed and should be submitted well in advance of the commencement of the Summer session.

For further information, please contact Law Student Services, Level 2, Law Building, (02) 9385 2264 or email

Summer School Tuition Fees

UNSW Law students enrolling in Summer school courses will pay the same tuition fees as they normally would for their program. If you are enrolled in an undergraduate degree with a Commonwealth supported place and deferring your tuition fees, then you can also defer your tuition fees for Summer School courses. If you are a JD student in a full fee place, then you will be charged Full Fees in Summer. If you are eligible for HECS HELP then you can apply for this in Summer as well.