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Open banking: The revolution that could save the Big Four — and the consumer

OPINION: Professor Ross Buckley, ABC News, 23 November 2017.

Australians change their spouse more frequently than their bank.

We tend, on average, to spend about 16 years with a bank, but only nine with a spouse.

That is sad in so many ways, but so were the days before the Family Law Act, with private investigators photographing errant spouses through bedroom windows and endless, unedifying arguments about who was at fault in a divorce.

Yet those bleak times persist in our relationship with our bank.

Australian laws fall short when it comes to protecting religious liberty

OPINION: Professor George Williams AO, the Sydney Morning Herald, 21 November 2017.

Leading conservatives reacted to the clear result in the same-sex marriage postal survey by flagging a wind-back of anti-discrimination protections. This has predictably, and rightfully, received a scathing response. Sensing defeat, they have changed tack. Cabinet ministers are now calling for Parliament to include a general protection for religious freedom in the same-sex marriage law, or to enact a separate "religious protections" bill in the new year.

Backpackers, international students suffer widespread wage theft, report finds

A national survey of temporary workers in Australia has uncovered widespread exploitation of backpackers and international students working in a range of industries.

Workplace exploitation of  backpackers and international students in Australia is endemic and severe, a landmark study by UNSW Sydney and UTS has found.

One in three international students and backpackers are paid about half the legal minimum wage, according to a major new report, Wage Theft in Australia, the most comprehensive study of temporary migrants’ work and conditions in Australia.

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