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Indigenous Legal Education Program

Say yes to a brighter future for our Indigenous law students

We are focused on growing the number of Indigenous students that graduate from UNSW Law

Indigenous Legal Education Program

At UNSW Law, we recognise that our Indigenous students require not only affirmative admission programs with intensive preparation for law school - they also require ongoing support to ensure their continued success to graduation.

More Indigenous students attend UNSW Law than any other Sydney law school. This is proof that our Indigenous Legal Education Program - from Pre-Law and Winter School, to Foundations Enrichment, student mentoring and advisory programs - really do work.

Our Indigenous Legal Education Program is imperative to that goal

The first component of the Indigenous Legal Education Program is a Winter School, which we run to showcase to Indigenous high school students the possibilities that lie ahead after completing their HSC. For students who have graduated from high school, we offer the Indigenous Pre-Law Program, a month-long bridging course, which provides academic skills and knowledge relevant to the commencement of an undergraduate law degree.

Once Indigenous students commence their law degrees at UNSW Law, we know that the first three years are critical to their prospects of success. We run two courses - Foundations Enrichment 1 & 2 - with the aim of providing academic and personal support to our first year Indigenous students at the most vulnerable stage in their law degree. The courses allow them to build strong foundational skills, and gain early exposure to "law in the real world". We also provide peer mentoring and student advisors to ensure that Indigenous students have direct access to essential support networks.

Our initiatives are all about achieving equitable outcomes for Indigenous students in legal education, and our Indigenous Legal Education Program works because it is intensive. But an intensive program requires significant resources. Further, to keep increasing the number of Indigenous graduates from UNSW Law, we need to grow our Program to accommodate more students.

Say yes and help us achieve that goal

UNSW Law is committed to making a material difference to the life chances of Indigenous people. We are determined to raise the $300,000 per annum needed to continue and expand our highly successful work in this area. A gift to the Indigenous Legal Education Program is an investment with real dividends for Indigenous law students, and the future of Indigenous Australians.

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To discuss making a gift to the UNSW Law Indigenous Legal Education Program, or for further information, please contact Jordana Wong, Development Manager.