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Giving to UNSW Law

The myths about university funding

In seeking contributions towards our law school, we are often met with confusion:

“But don’t you get enough money from the Government?”

“But don’t student fees cover your costs?”

Unfortunately, the answer to both of these questions is no. The days of universities being almost entirely publicly funded are long gone. These days, universities like UNSW earn more than half of our income from non-government sources.

For UNSW Law, any available funding simply does not meet the cost of the courses we provide. Similarly, while student fee income helps, it is not enough, and lifting student fees would only serve to place limits on wider community access to our programs.

UNSW Law relies on sponsorship and philanthropic donations

At UNSW Law, we are committed to making a difference, in our own community and in greater society. This means producing cutting-edge, influential research, delivering much-needed services to our clients and community, and providing an outstanding legal education to a broad range of students.

The reality is that we cannot accomplish all that we are striving to achieve without assistance. We depend on the community to look beyond law school as merely a period in one’s life, and to appreciate the breadth of UNSW Law’s footprint.

A contribution to UNSW Law can change a person’s life

It enables the student from rural NSW to fulfil his dream of becoming a lawyer, even though he can’t afford the tuition fees. It allows our Aboriginal Access Worker to reach out to a struggling young Indigenous mother who, despite desperately needing it, is not comfortable seeking assistance outside of her own community. Put simply, a contribution to UNSW Law turns a no into a yes. At UNSW Law, our aim is to always say yes. Please help us.

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