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Data to Decisions CRC PhD Scholarships

PhD Scholarships
Research Program: Law and Policy for Big Data Analysis

Established with a grant of $25 million in July 2014, the Data to Decisions CRC (D2D CRC) is part of the Cooperative Research Centre’s Program where, with funding from the Australian Government, researchers and industry are brought together to be a leading provider of Big Data capability resulting in a safer and more secure nation and a sustainable Big Data workforce for Australia

Law and Policy Program
The D2D CRC’s Law and Policy Research Program enables students to undertake law, socio-legal and criminological PhD studies relating to Big Data in the context of Australian national security. Big Data compels society to reconsider existing legal and policy principles to ensure a framework that will guide appropriate applications. D2D CRC law and policy researchers will work closely with data scientists, industry partners and the Australian government to study national security needs and international developments to identify appropriate solutions for Australia.

• Scholarships will provide a tax-free stipend of $15,000 per annum for three years, with the potential for a six month extension for approved applicants. 
• A limited number of full scholarships for outstanding candidates to the value of $35,000 per annum (tax free stipend) at the D2D CRC’s discretion*
• Tenable at either UNSW Law or Deakin School of Law for 3 years, with possible additional six months of funding*

Domestic and international candidates may apply. Applicants must fulfil the PhD admission criteria of the relevant University, including English language requirements, and demonstrate excellent capacity and potential for research.

Masters, First Class Honours degree or equivalent. 

Expressions of interest
Interested parties are invited to contact Jacqui Martin with an initial expression of interest as soon as possible.
Primary D2D CRC contact:
Ms Jacqui Martin Education Manager, D2D CRC

Academic contact:
Professor Janet Chan
D2D CRC Law and Policy Research Program

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*Additional conditions may apply.

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