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China International Business and Economic Law (CIBEL)

UNSW Law’s CIBEL (China International Business and Economic Law) Initiative is a university funded long term and strategic initiative to create research strength in the areas of international business and economic law of relevance to China in the twenty-first century. This builds on pre-existing strengths in this area within the law school. As an initial matter, the CIBEL Initiative has recruited five top Chinese IEL academics to join UNSW Law to research and teach in the CIBEL area. Alongside other UNSW Law scholars with expertise in the area, this makes UNSW the world’s leading centre outside China for the study and teaching of CIBEL matters. In addition, reflecting its location at UNSW in Sydney Australia, the CIBEL Initiative will also be researching and teaching about CIBEL matters directly relevant to the Australia-China international economic law relationship.

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