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UNSW Law Distinguished Visitors Scheme/Research Visitors Scheme

The Distinguished Visitors Scheme and the Research Visitors Scheme are UNSW Law partial-funding schemes for potential visitors, whose visits may be from a week to generally a maximum of 3 months, depending on office availability.  These schemes require completion of an application form, provision of a CV, and a proposal from the visitor as to the desired research outcome achieved by the end of the visit and related benefits to the Faculty, such as:

  • conducting specified research while here
  • collaboration on research projects (working on grant applications, co-authoring publications, organising or convening conferences);
  • interaction with members of Faculty;
  • participation in research programs in the Faculty (such as, for example, giving a seminar); or
  • participation in events organised by or for the benefit of postgraduate research students.

For more details and an application form, please contact your UNSW Law contact or Dr Daniel Joyce, Co-ordinator of the Schemes at daniel.joyce@unsw.edu.au