Berlin Attack: Far-Right AFD blames Merkel's Immigration Policy | Law

Berlin Attack: Far-Right AFD blames Merkel's Immigration Policy

Associate Professor Christopher Michaelsen speaks to ABC News Radio (21 December 2016) regarding the Berlin Christmas Market attack which resulted in the death of twelve people.

Associate Professor Michaelsen said, "It was within five minutes that representatives from the AFD party, the Populist party in Germany, called for repercussions and called for Merkel to take responsibility for it. I think it's sort of an exaggeration because German policies have been tightened in the past 12 months already, so I think it's a misrepresentation of what's actually happening."

He went on to say, "I think in terms of the way the attack has been conducted, one could say that it has the hallmarks of an IS attack, but as we've listened to earlier, I think it's too early to say with any sort of determination as to who is responsible for the attack as the investigations are ongoing. [German authorities] are working under the assumption that it is a terrorist attach as the investigation has been passed to the federal authorities and which is always the case if a terrorist attack is assumed."

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