2017 Main Round Offers - Law | Law

2017 Main Round Offers - Law

Main Round Offers have been released via the UAC website.

How many Law offers were made?

Approximately 300 – the same number as for 2016. Law hasn’t increased or decreased the number of offers made… we’ve just changed the way applicants are selected to include the Law Admission Test (LAT) and we’re very pleased with the outcome especially given this is the first time we’ve used the new test. 

Students who previously wouldn’t have had the opportunity to study Law at UNSW have been admitted this year because they have very good academic results and demonstrated the commitment to UNSW Law and the skills required to study law by sitting our new test. 

Will Law be making more offers in later rounds?

We anticipate that we have made sufficient offers in the Main Round but it’s possible that we may make a very small number of offers (up to 10) in the Late Round. We won’t know this until after 27 January when all Main Round offers must be accepted.

How was the selection rank (e.g. ATAR) and LAT score combined?

Academic results were combined with LAT scores on a sliding scale. All students who completed the LAT received a boost to their selection rank. The higher the LAT score, the larger the boost which therefore placed the student higher up in the ranked list.

The guiding principle underlying the ranking process was that a student's academic results (e.g. ATAR) would remain an important component of the selection criteria, with the LAT results taken into account more strongly for those students with a lower ATAR.

What was lowest ATAR and/or lowest LAT score?

Information on the attributes of students admitted to UNSW Law in 2017 will be published on UNSW’s website after all UAC admissions rounds are completed and full data is available.

At this stage however we can advise that, as anticipated, successful students required a selection rank above 95.00 and a high LAT score to be successful. See above to understand how the 2 selection components (academic results and LAT) interact. The higher the selection rank the lower the LAT score required and vice versa. The median LAT score was approximately 74 and the median ATAR was approximately 98. 

2017 Main Round Offers - Law

* EAS or AAA Scholarship points

What if my question hasn’t been answered in the above information?

UAC Admissions enquiries are handled centrally at UNSW. Please submit your enquiry at https://enquiry.unsw.edu.au/ and Admissions will liaise with the Law School as necessary.