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Disclosure of Security Vulnerabilities: Legal and Ethical Issues (Springer: 2013)

Ethical Hacking (University of Ottawa Press, Forthcoming 2015)


Maurushat A, Chawki M, Al-Alosi H, el Shazly Y., “The Impact of Social Networks and Mobile Technologies on the Revolutions in the Arab World—A Study of Egypt and Tunisia”. Laws. 2014; 3(4):674-692.

Maurushat A., and Vaile, D., and Chow, A. “The Aftermath of Mandatory Internet Filtering and S 313 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth)” (2014) 19 Media and Arts Law Review

Maurushat, “From Cybercrime to Cyberwar: Security Through Obscurity or Security Through Absurdity” Vol. 19 No. 2 Canadian Foreign Policy Journal (June, 2013).

Maurushat, “Hack Counter-Attack: Its uses and the Need for Legislation” E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy (December 2012).

Maurushat, A., “The role of Internet Service Providers in combating botnets: an examination of recent Australian initiatives and legislative reform” (2012) Volume 62 Number 4 Telecommunications Journal of Australia.

Maurushat, A. et al., “Addressing Identity Crime in Crime Management Information Systems:  Definitions, Classifications and Empirics” (August 2012) Volume 28 Issue 4 Computer Law & Security Review

Maurushat, A., “Forcing Transparency in Times of Secrecy” (2012) Volume 17 No. 2 Media & Arts Law Review.

Australia's Accession to the Cybercrime Convention: Is the Convention Still Relevant in Combating Cybercrime in the Era of Obfuscation Crime Tools? 16:1 University of New South Wales Law Journal (2010)

Zombie Botnets (2010) Scripted

Data Breach Notification Law Across the World from California to Australia Privacy Law and Business International, April, 2009

Waltzing Matilda or Advance Australia Fair:  Fair dealings copyright exemptions with user-generated content Media & Arts Law Review, March 2009 Sophia Christou (Masters of Research Student, University of New South Wales) and Alana Maurushat

When internet protocols and legal provisions collide:  Unauthorised Access and Sierra v. Ritz Computer, Law and Security Report, February 2009 Alana Maurushat and Ron Yu (US Patent Agent and Director of Gilkron Ltd., Hong Kong)

"'Good' Worms and Human Rights" ACM Computers & Society, Vol. 38, Issue 1, March 2008. John Aycock (Faculty of Computer Science, University of Calgary) and Alana Maurushat

"Passing the Buck:  Who Will Bear the Financial Transaction Losses from Consumer Device Insecurity?" Journal of Law, Information Technology and Science, Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2008 Roger Clarke (Faculty of Commerce, Australian National University) and Alana Maurushat

"The benevolent health worm:  comparing Western human rights-based ethics and Confucian duty-based moral philosophy," Ethics and Information Technology Journal, Feb. 2008 (DOI 10.1007/s10676-008-9150-1) Alana Maurushat

"Exploring the Limits of Computer Code as a Protected Form of Expression:  A Suggested Approach to Encryption, Computer Viruses and Technological Protection Measures" Mcgill Law Journal, Issue 1 Volume 51 (2006) Alex Colangelo (Stikeman Elliot Law Firm, Toronto) and Alana Maurushat

"Multi-lateral Recognition of PKI Certification Authorities in the Asia Region:  Issues in Privacy and Trans-Border Data Flow" Hong Kong Law Journal, Vol. 35, Part 3 (2005) Alana Maurushat

"Setting a Positive Agenda for Internet Governance at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS):  Of technology and humankind" Revue quebecoise de droit international, vol. 18.1 (2005) Alana Maurushat

* "Technical Protection Measures:  Tilting at Copyright's Windmill" Ottawa Law Review, vol. 34, no.1 (2003). Ian Kerr (Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa), Alana Maurushat and Christian Tacit (Nelligan O'Brien Payne Law Firm, Ottawa) [Cited by the majority in the High Court of Australia decision, Stevens v. Kabushiki Kaisha Sony Computer Entertainment & Ors [2005] HCA 58]

"Mesures techniques: La protection juridique des mesures techniques" Les Cahiers de Propriété Intellectuelle, vol. 15, no.2 (2003) Ian Kerr, Alana Maurushat and Christian Tacit

"Mesures techniques: Tendances en matière de mesures de protection techniques et en matière de technologies de contournement" Les Cahiers de Propriété Intellectuelle, vol.15, no.3 (2003) Ian Kerr, Alana Maurushat and Christian Tacit

"Fragmented Copyright, Fragmented Management:  Proposals to Defrag Copyright Management," Canadian Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2003) Daniel Gervais (Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa) and Alana Maurushat

"Hong Kong Anti-Terrorism Ordinance and the Surveillance Society: Privacy and Free Expression Implications" AsiaPacific Media Educator, Issue No. 12 (January-June 2003) Alana Maurushat

"Open Source, Open Sesame: An Open-Ended Question" Canadian Journal of Law and Technology, vol.1, Issue 2 Alana Maurushat


Maurushat, A., (with Chris Connelly, David Vaile and Peter Vvan Dijk) An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives for the Australian Communications and Media Authority (June 2010).

Maurushat, A., Ethical Hacking: A Report for the Minister of Public Safety Canada / Le PiratageUn  Rapport pour le Ministre de la Sécurité publique du Canada (2012).

Vaile, D., James, A., de Koker, L., Bennett-Moses, L. and Maurushat, A., “Review of Barriers to Open Data and Related Re-use of Information in Five Exemplar Federal Data Sets” Commissioned report for the Department of Communications (2014)

Maurushat, A., “Australian Internet Freedom 2010” in Cooke, S. et al (eds) Internet Freedom Index, Freedom House (2011)

Maurushat, A., “Australian Internet Freedom 2011” in Cooke, S. et al (eds), Internet Freedom Index,  Freedom House (2012)

Maurushat, A., “Australian Internet Freedom 2012” in Cooke, S. et al (eds), Internet Freedom Index,  Freedom House (2013)

Maurushat, A., “Australian Internet Freedom 2012” in Cooke, S. et al (eds), Internet Freedom Index,  Freedom House (2014)


Maurushat, A, “ Copyright Issues in Whistleblowing and Ethical Hacking”  in Georges, A., (ed)

Flashpoints: Changing Paradigms in Media, Technology and Intellectual Property Law (2014) Quid Pro Law

Maurushat, A., "Asia" in Reich, P. (ed) Cybercrime & Security (Thomson Reuters, 2012)Rel. 12-1 § 8:1.50.

Maurushat, A., “Hacktivism and Whistleblowing in the Era of Forced Transparency” Cybercrime Risks and Responses: Eastern and Western Perspectives, Smith, R. (ed) (Palgrave 2014).


Maurushat, A., and Carson, A.,Youths, Online Technologies and Privacy:  Should Australia look to California?” Communications Journal (2014)

"The Limits of Internet Filtering" Internet Law Bulletin, March 2008 Alana Maurushat and Renee Watts

"Not A Fair Trade: Australia's TPM Protection and AUSFTA-Inspired Reforms" UNSWLRS 19 (2007) Graham Greenleaf, Alana Maurushat, David Vaile, Catherine Bond, and Abi Paramaguru (All within the Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales)

"Who let the Cat out of the Bag? Internet Data Leakage and its Implications for Privacy Law and Policy in Hong Kong" Hong Kong Law Journal, Vol. 38, Part 1 (2006)

"Ecuyer et Aéroports de Montréal: Canada's private sector privacy law sidelined by labour code" Privacy Law & Policy Reporter, vol. 10, no. 3 (2004) Alana Maurushat


Hackers, Fraudsters and Botnets: Tackling the Problem of Cyber Crime - The Report of the Inquiry into Cyber Crime Invited Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications, Parliament of Australia (2010)

Parliamentary Submission on Australia's Accession to the Cybercrime Convention (2011) Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre's Submission with Lauren Loz (2011) NSW Civil Liberties Union with Renee Watt

Technical Protection Measures: Trends in Technical Protection Measures and Circumvention Technologies Online Government publication for the Department of Canadian Heritage (2003) Ian Kerr, Alana Maurushat and Christian Tacit (Nelligan, O'Brien, Payne Law Firm)

Technical Protection Measures: The Legal Protection of Technical Protection Measures Online Government publication for the Department of Canadian Heritage (2003) Ian Kerr, Alana Maurushat and Christian Tacit (Nelligan, O'Brien, Payne Law Firm)

Copyright Infringement Notices Scheme: A Submission to the Attorney-General's DepartmentAbi Paramaguru, David Vaile, Catherine Bond, and Alana Maurushat (October 22, 2007)

Submission on Proposed Data Retention Scheme (2012 and 2015)

Submission on Proposed Data Breach Notification Scheme (2012)

Submission on Accession to the Convention on Cybercrime (2011)

Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety (2013)

Submission on S. 313 Telecommunications Act

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