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Publications by Alex Steel

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Books and Guides

Smart Casual online professional development modules (with Mary Heath, Kate Galloway, Anne Hewitt, Mark Israel, and Natalie Skead):

The Council of Australian Law Deans Good Practice Guide to Teaching Statutory Interpretation, with Jeffrey Barnes, Jacinta Dharmananda, and Jeffrey Goldsworthy, CALD 2015

Criminal Laws: Materials and Commentary on Criminal Law and Process of  NSW  with David Brown, David Farrier, Luke McNamara, Michael Grewcock and Julia Quilter and Melanie Schwartz, 6th Ed, Federation Press, 2015

Penal Culture and Hyperincarceration: The Revival of the Prison, with Chris Cunneen,  Eileen Baldry, David Brown, Melanie Schwartz  and  Mark Brown, Ashgate 2013

Teaching Law in Broader Contexts: Good Practice Guide (Bachelor of Laws), Threshold Learning Outcome 1(b), June 2013

Criminal Laws: Materials and Commentary on Criminal Law and Process of  NSW  with David Brown, David Farrier, Sandra Egger, Luke McNamara, Michael Grewcock and Donna Spears, 5th Ed, Federation Press, 2011

Criminal Laws: Materials and Commentary on Criminal Law and Process of  NSW  with David Brown, David Farrier, Sandra Egger, Luke McNamara, 4th Ed, Federation Press, 2006

Book Chapters

"Dishonesty outside of England and Wales: Ivey in international comparison", The UK Supreme Court Yearbook Volume : 2017-2018 (forthcoming)

 "Reflections on Approaches to Drafting Regulatory Standards:Finding Ways to Quicken, Not Deaden, the Spirit of Legal Education", The Future of Australian Legal Education, Thomson Reuters, 2018

“Shaking the foundations: criminal law as a means of critiquing the assumptions of the centrality of doctrine in law” in Kris Gledhill and Ben Livings (eds) The Teaching of Criminal Law: The Pedagogical Imperatives (Routledge, 2016).

Criminalisation and Technology: What’s the Harm of Using Mobile Phones While Driving?’ in Arlie Loughnan and Thomas Crofts (eds), Criminalisation and Criminal Responsibility in Australia (Oxford University Press, 2015)

Law Student Lifestyle Pressures’ (with Anna Huggins) in James Duffy, Rachael Field and Colin James (eds), Promoting Law Student and Lawyer Well-Being in Australia and Beyond (Ashgate, 2016).

The Relationship Between Class Participation and Law Students’ Learning, Engagement and Stress: Do Demographics Matter?’ (with Anna Huggins) in James Duffy, Rachael Field and Colin James (eds), Promoting Law Student and Lawyer Well-Being in Australia and Beyond (Ashgate, 2016).

“Broader social context as a lens for learning: teaching criminal law” (with Melanie Schwartz)’ in Coleman, K. & Flood, A. (eds.), Disciplines: the lenses of learning, Champaign, Illinois: Common Grounds Publishing LLC  2014

“The Assessment Project in the Law School”, in Marshall, Henry and Remburuth (ed) Improving Assessment in Education: A Whole of Institution Approach UNSW Press, 2013

‘Assessing Problem based and Experiential Learning: Answering Legal Problem Questions in a Grid Format’ (with  Fitzsimmons, D) in Coleman, K. & Flood, A. (eds.), Marking Time: Leading and Managing the Development of Assessment in Higher Education, Champaign, Illinois: Common Grounds Publishing LLC.


“Enabling professional development for sessional colleagues in law:  reflections from the Smart Casual online initiative” (with Natalie Skead, Kate Galloway, Mary Heath, Anne Hewitt, Mark Israel) 2018 Adelaide Law Review (forthcoming)

"Learning To Feel Like A Lawyer: Law Teachers, Sessional Teaching And Emotional Labour In Legal Education", Mary Heath, Kate Galloway, Natalie Skead, and Mark Israel 2018 Griffith Law Review (published online 29 Nov 2017)

‘Contract Cheating: The serious criminal consequences’, 42 (2017) Alternative Law Journal 123 

"Critical legal reading: the elements, strategies and dispositions needed to master this essential skill" (with Kate Galloway, Mary Heath, Natalie Skead, Mark Israel, Anne Hewitt) 26 (2016) Legal Education Review 187

"Comparative Perspectives on Teaching Foreign Students in Law: Pedagogical, Substantive, Logistical and Conceptual Challenges", (with Colin Picker, Lucas Lixinski and Dominic Fitzsimons), 26 (2016) Legal Education Review 161

Working The Nexus: Teaching Students To Think, Read And Problem-Solve Like A Lawyer  (with Galloway K, Heath M, A, Hewitt A, Israel M, Hewitt A, Skead N) 26 (2016) Legal Education Review 95-114 

Fostering “Quiet Inclusion”: Interaction and Diversity in the Australian Law Classroom (with Mark Israel,Natalie Skead,Mary Heath, Anne Hewitt, Kate Galloway) Journal of Legal Education 66 (2017) 332

'Enforcing A Cone Of Silence: Difficulties With Using Criminal Law To Limit Mobile Phone Use In Vehicles In An Environment Of Technological Change' (2014) 38 Criminal Law Journal 307

 ‘Valuable Learning, Unwelcome Assessment: What LLB and JD Students Really Think about Group Work’ (with Anna Huggins and Julian Laurens) (2014) 36 Sydney Law Review 291

“Clarifying assessment: developing typologies for forms of assessment in law”  - Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association  2013

“Works well with others’: Examining the different types of small group learning and their implications for law student achievement”  (with Julian Laurens and Anna Huggins) - Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association  2013

Class Participation as a Learning and Assessment Strategy in Law: Facilitating Students’ Engagement, Skills Development and Deep Learning with Julian Laurens and Anna Huggins (2012) 36(1) UNSW Law Journal 30

Addressing identity crime in crime management information systems: Definitions, classification, and empirics with Rodger Jamieson, Lesley Pek Wee Land, Donald Winchester, Greg Stephens, Alex Steel, Alana Maurushat, Rick Sarre 28 (2012) Computer Law & Security Review 381- 395

Both giving and taking: Should misuse of ATMs and electronic payment systems be theft, fraud or neither? (2011) 35 Crim Law Journal 202 - 222

Imprisoning Rationalities (with Eileen Baldry, David Brown, Mark Brown, Chris Cunneen, and Melanie Schwartz), 44 (2011) Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology

The True Identity of Identity Crime, (2010) 33 University of New South Wales Law Journal 503-531

New Zealand's Approach to Dishonesty, [2010] New Zealand Law Journal 236-40

New fraud and identity-related crimes in New South Wales, (2010) 22(3) Judicial Officers Bulletin, 17-21

Describing Dishonest Means:  The Implications Of Seeing Dishonesty As A Course Of Conduct Or Mental Element and the Parallels with Indecency(2010) 31 Adelaide Law Review 7-46

The Meanings of Dishonesty in Theft, Common Law World Review (2009) 38 Common Law World Review 103–136

What’s to Know? The Mental Element in the Cartel Offence (2009) 32 University of New South Wales Law Journal  216-226

Bail in Australia: legislative introduction and amendment since 1970, Australia and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference Proceedings 2009 228

Taking Possession: The Defining Element of Theft? (2008) 32 Melbourne University Law Review 1030 - 1064

Problematic and Unnecessary? Issues with the Use of the Theft Offence to Protect Intangible Property (2008) 30 Sydney Law Review 575 - 614

The Harms and Wrongs of Stealing: The Harm Principle and Dishonesty in Theft (2008) 31 University of New South Wales Law Journal 712 - 737

Permanent Borrowing and Lending: A New Interpretation of s6 Theft Act 1968 (2008) 17 Nottingham Law Journal 3 – 24

Money for nothing, Cheques for Free: The Meaning of Financial Advantage, (2007) 31 Melbourne University Law Review 201-238, 38pp

Consorting in New South Wales: Substantive Offence or Police Power? (2003) 26 University of New South Wales Law Journal 567 – 602

Vaguely Going Where No-one has Gone: the Expansive New Computer Access Offences (2002) 26 Criminal Law Journal 72 – 97

From Hard Labour to Spies v The Queen: Prosecuting Corporate Officers under the Crimes Act. (2001) 75 Australian Law Journal 479-503

An appropriate test for dishonesty? (2000) 24 Criminal Law Journal 46 – 59

The Characterisation of Rights and Things as Property: Parsons v R (with G J Tolhurst) (1999) 13 (2) Commercial Law Quarterly 32 - 36

A Non-Material form of Copyright: The Strange History of Lecturer’s Copyright (1999) 4 Australian Journal of Legal History 185 – 220

Intertextuality and Legal Judgments (1998) 2 Macarthur Law Review 87- 108

Mine Fields or Meadows? Underneath the Surface of the Mansfield Report, (1997) 84 Media International Australia 74-79

Aunty’s New Fitness Regime: The Mansfield Prescription for Long Life and Happiness for the ABC (1997) 2 Media and Arts Law Review  3-15

The Foxtel Case: Free-to-air or Free-for-all?(1996) 1 Media and Arts Law Review 5 - 16 

Refereed Conference Papers

Interaction and diversity in the Australian law classroom. In M. Davis & A. Goody (Eds.), Research and Development in Higher Education: The Shape of Higher Education, 39 (pp 127-136). Fremantle, Australia, 4 – 7 July 2016 (with Israel, M., Skead, N., Heath, M., Hewitt, A., Galloway, K.) 

Defining Identity Crimes (with Rodger Jamieson, Lesley Land, Rick Sarre, Greg Stephens and Donald Winchester) (2008) 19th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) Christchurch, New Zealand

General Fraud Offences in AustraliaALTA Refereed Conference Proceedings, 2006

Government Reports

From Larceny to Theft: Reform of Property Offences in New South Wales based on the Model Code/Theft Act Approach, Report prepared for Criminal Law Review Division, NSW Attorney General’s Department, Feb 2005, 146pp [not publicly available]

Redefining Fraud: Proposed Reform of Fraud Offences in New South Wales based on the Model Code/Theft Act Approach, Report prepared for Criminal Law Review Division, NSW Attorney General’s Department, July 2004, 186pp [not publicly available]

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