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Publications by Amrita Kapur

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Amrita Kapur, ‘Asian Values vs The “Paper Tiger”: Dismantling the Threat To Asian Values Posed by the International Criminal Court’ Journal of International Criminal Justice (2013) (forthcoming).

Amrita Kapur, 'A decade in the life of the ICC: Assessing its impact on crimes of sexual violence' 21(3) Australian Human Rights Defender (2013), 13-14

Amrita Kapur, ‘A Catch-22: The Role of Development Institutions in Promoting Gender Inequality in Land Law: Lessons Learned in Post-Conflict Pluralist Africa,’ Buffalo Human Rights Law Review, 17 (2011), 75.

Amrita Kapur, “Domestic Violence in Timor-Leste: A New Law and New Obligations to Face Old Challenges,” Proceedings of the Timor-Leste Studies Association's Communicating New Research on Timor-Leste Conference (June 30- July 1 2011), Eds. Michael Leach, Nuno Canas Mendes, Antero B. da Silva, Bob Boughton and Alarico da Costa Ximenes, (Hawthorn: Swinburne Press, 2012) 255-264. Amrita Kapur, ‘Two Faces of Change: The Need for a Bi-Directional Approach to Improve Women’s Land Rights in Plural Legal Systems’ IDLO Working Paper Series (2010), 1.

Amrita Kapur, ‘Humanity as the A and Ω of Sovereignty: Four Replies to Anne Peters’, European Journal of International Law 20(2) (2009), 560.

Amrita Kapur, ‘Why Humanity Matters in the Rise of International Criminal Law – A Response to Kenneth Anderson’, European Journal of International Law 20(4) (2009), 1031.

Conference Papers

Amrita Kapur, 'Post-Conflict and Post-Crisis Parallels: Using International-National Engagement to Expose and Remedy the Gendered Dimensions of Policy Making', Bilkura, Onati International Institution for the Sociology of Law, 6 - 9 July 2013.

Amrita Kapur, 'Dominance, Exclusion and Empowerment: International Criminal Justice Narratives and the International Legal Order', Turf and Texture: Narrating the Legal International, Cambridge University, 27-28 June 2013.

Amrita Kapur, Conference Paper: ‘Two Faces of Change: The Need for a Bi-directional Approach to Improve Women’s Land Rights in Plural Legal Systems’, Access to Justice and Security: Non-state Actors and the Local Dynamics of Ordering Conference, November 1 -2 2010, Copenhagen.

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