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• Andrea Durbach, Upington, Allen & Unwin, Sydney (1999) Published in South Africa by David Phillip, Cape Town 1999 and in America as A Common Purpose, Continuum, New York, 2002
Short-listed for the Alan Paton Non-Fiction Award, 1999

• Andrea Durbach (ed), Law and Poverty in Australia – 40 Years after the Poverty Commission, (Sydney: The Federation Press, 2017) (co-edited with Brendan Edgeworth and Vicki Sentas)

• Andrea Durbach (ed), Heritage, Culture and Rights: Challenging Legal Discourses, (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2017) (co-edited with Lucas Lixinski)

Book chapters:

• Andrea Durbach, ‘Between the Idea and the Reality’ Securing Access to Justice in an Environment of Declining Points of Entry, in Brendan Edgeworth, Andrea Durbach, Vicki Sentas (eds), Law and Poverty in Australia – 40 Years after the Poverty Commission, The Federation Press, 2017, 214-230

• Andrea Durbach, Cultural Heritage as Transformation: a study of four sites from post-apartheid South Africa, in Andrea Durbach and Lucas Lixinski (eds), Heritage, Culture and Rights: Challenging Legal Discourses, (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2017), 205-226

• Andrea Durbach, Human rights commissions in times of trouble and transition: the case of the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal, in Hitoshi Nasu and Ben Saul (eds), Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific Region: Towards Institution Building, (London: Routledge, 2011), 209-234

• Andrea Durbach, ‘The Right to Legal Aid in Social Rights Litigation’ in Malcolm Langford (ed), Social Rights Jurisprudence: Emerging Trends in International and Comparative Law, (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008), 59-71

• Andrea Durbach, “Conscientious participation: working the law back to its bones” in Rosemary Hunter and Mary Keyes (eds), Changing Law – Rights, Regulation and Reconciliation, Aldershot: Ashgate - Law, Justice and Power series (2005) 155-178

Refereed Journal articles

• Andrea Durbach (with Louise Chappell and Sarah Williams), guest editors, Special Issue of International Journal of Human Rights on ‘Transformative Reparations for sexual violence crimes post-conflicts: problems and prospects.’ (based on research supported by the ARC Discovery Projects funding scheme (DP140102274), ‘Combating Sexual Violence Against Women Post Conflict Through “Transformative” Reparations: Problems and Prospects').

• Andrea Durbach, Foreword: Special Issue on ‘Transformative Reparations for Sexual Violence Post-conflict: Prospects and Problems’ (with Louise Chappell and Sarah Williams), (2017) 21 (9) International Journal of Human Rights, 1185-1192

• Andrea Durbach and Lucy Geddes, “To shape our own lives and our own world’: Exploring women’s hearings as reparative mechanisms for victims of sexual violence post-conflict” (with Lucy Geddes) (2017) 21 (9) International Journal of Human Rights, 1161-1180

• Maxine Marcus, Louise Chappell and Andrea Durbach, 'Notes from the field: “‘Nothing about us, without us, is for us’: Victims and the International Criminal Justice System” '(in conversation with Maxine Marcus, International Crimes Prosecutor and Investigator and Expert in Transformative Justice for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence) (2017) 21 (9) International Journal of Human Rights, 1337-1346

• Andrea Durbach, ‘An essential intervention: Civil society responses to redressing and preventing violence against women in post-apartheid South Africa’ (2016) Acta Juridica 218-240; also as a chapter in Sarah Williams and Hannah Woolaver (eds), Civil Society and International Criminal Justice in Africa – Challenges and Opportunities, (Juta, Cape Town, 2016)

• Andrea Durbach, ‘Towards Reparative Transformation: Revisiting the Impact of Violence against Women in a Post-TRC South Africa’, (2016) 10 International Journal of Transitional Justice 366-387

• Andrea Durbach, ‘Of trials, reparation and transformation in post-apartheid South Africa: the making of A Common Purpose’ (2015) 60(2) New York Law School Law Review 409-431

• Andrea Durbach and Louise Chappell, ‘Leaving Behind the Age of Impunity: Victims of Gender Violence and the Promise of Reparations’ (2014) 16(4) International Feminist Journal of Politics 543-562

• Andrea Durbach, Luke McNamara, Simon Rice and Mark Rix, 'Public Interest Litigation: Making the case in Australia' ( 2013) 38 (4) Alternative Law Journal 219-223

• Andrea Durbach and Hilary Charlesworth,‘Equality for Indigenous Peoples in the Australian Constitution’ (2011) 15 (2) Australian Indigenous Law Review 64-73

• Andrea Durbach, Catherine Renshaw and Andrew Byrnes, ‘Testing the Mettle of National Human Rights Institutions: A Case Study of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia’ (2011) 1 Asian Journal of International Law 165-198

• Andrea Durbach, ‘A Missed Opportunity: The Foregone Conclusion of a National Human Rights Consultation,’ (2010) 7(17) Indigenous Law Bulletin 21-23

• Andrea Durbach, Andrew Byrnes and Catherine Renshaw, ‘A Tongue But No Teeth?’ The Emergence of a New Human Rights Mechanism in the Asia Pacific Region’, (2009) 31(2) Sydney Law Review 211-238

• Andrea Durbach, Andrew Byrnes and Catherine Renshaw ‘Joining the club: the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions, the Paris Principles, and the advancement of human rights protection in the region’ (2008) 14(1) Australian Journal of Human Rights 63-98 (with Andrew Byrnes and Catherine Renshaw)

• Andrea Durbach, ‘ “The Cost of a Wounded Society": Reparations and the Illusion of Reconciliation' (2008) 12(1) Australian Indigenous Law Review 22–40

Book reviews:

• Andrea Durbach and Robyn Morris (a dialogue), ‘A Culture of Rights: Law, Literature and Canada’, by Benjamin Authurs, (2015) 32 (1-2) Australasian Canadian Studies 167-178

• Andrea Durbach, ‘Sexual Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies – International Agendas and African Contexts’, Doris Buss, Joanne Lebert, Blair Rutherford, Donna Sharkey and Obijiofor Aginam (eds), (2015) 21 (1) Australian Journal of Human Rights 195-199

• Andrea Durbach, ‘The Sins of the Nation and the Ritual of Apologies ‘by Danielle Celermajer, (2010)15 (2) Australian Journal of Human Rights, 143 - 146

Research reports:

• Andrea Durbach and Kirsten Keith, On Safe Ground: Strengthening Australian university responses to sexual assault and harassment (Australian Human Rights Centre, UNSW Sydney, 2017) 122 pages

• Andrea Durbach and Elena Cama: Local Perspectives: a case study on responses to sexual violence in a university setting (Australian Human Rights Centre, UNSW Sydney, 2017) 42 pages

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