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Publications by Armin Alimardani

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A. Alimardani, Ali M. Ardekani, M. Vahedi, "Genetics and Crime", Published by Majd publisher, 2015 [Persian]

A . Alimardani, A. M. Ardekani, L. R. Astany, “A bio-social review to mitigate the punishment of unwanted acts”, Published by International Journal of Criminology and Sociology, 3, 348-359, 2014

Armin. Alimardany, Avishan. Alimardany, “School, A Place to Learn Antisocial and Prosocial Behavior”, Published by International Journal of School Health, 2014 September; 1(2): e23525, 2014

M. Izadbakhsh, A. Rezvani, B. Ghahremanpour, M. DaneshPajouh, A. Alimardany, A. Ebrahimi, M. Salami Lemraski, A. Rezaey, "Modeling of a City with Fixed Speed Breaker at Streets as Electrical Generators and its Legal Aspects", Published by Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, 3(3)325-333, 2013

M. Vahedi, M. R. Asli, A. Alimardani, M. R. Behrouzi, “The Role of Genetic Factors in Gender Identity Disorder in the Light of Juridical and Legal Views”, the Iranian Journal of Medical Law (Scientific-Research), 2016 [Persian]

Conference Presentations:
A. Alimardani, Explaining crime in criminal proceedings: Towards a new approach, The 29th Annual Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology conference, Hobart, Australia, 2016

A . Alimardani, “Diminished Responsibility and Fuzzy Logic”, Presented in The 9th Annual ANZSOC Postgraduate (PG) Conference, Adelaide, Australia, 2015

A. Alimardani, Explaining Crime: Contributing Factors within a Multilayered Network (CFMN), 10th ANZSOC Postgraduate & Early Career Researcher Conference (PECRC), Hobart, Australia, 2016

A. Alimardani, S. M. Alavinia Changing the context of content: Towards a game-based approach to teaching/learning, abstract and poster were accepted and presented in Learning and Teaching Forum, Towards 2025: Inspiring Learning, (2016 Learning and Teaching Forum Posters Booklet, p 70, UNSW, Australia

Workshop Report Publication(s):
Schofield, P., Rushworth, N., Mugford, S., Simpson, M. and Butler, T. (2016). Brain injury and the criminal justice system workshop report. NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Offender Health, Kirby Institute (UNSW Australia) and Brain Injury Australia, ISBN-10: 0- 7334-3661-7, ISBN-13: 978-0-7334-3661-1.

The Workshop brought together over one hundred local, national and international participants representing law enforcement, the judiciary, advocacy, consumers, and academia. As one of the participants of the workshop, Armin contributed to developing the report, particularly in educating criminal justice system stakeholders about brain injury.

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