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Publications by Arthur Glass

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Co-author of Australian Constitutional Law Butterworths 1994 Second edition, 1998

Co-author of Australian Federal Constitutional Law; Commentary & Materials, LBC 1999 Second edition 2007

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Chapters In Books

'James Boyd White and the Character of Judgements' in The Happy Couple: Law & Literature Federation Press 1994

'What Makes The Engineers Case A Classic' in How many Cheers For Engineers? Federation Press 1997

'Constitutional Law and Human Rights' in Human Rights in Australia Federation Press, 1998

'Speculation and Implied Rights' in The Cauldron of Constitutional Change Centre For International And Public Law, 1997

'The Vice of Judicial Activism' in T.Campbell (ed), Judicial Power, Democracy and Legal Positivism: Dartmouth 2000

'Phronesis and Legal Deliberation' in J. Grumley (ed), Culture and Enlightenment: Essays for George Markus, Ashgate 2002

'A Hermeneutical Standpoint' in J Goldsworthy (ed), Constitutional Interpretation, Judical Power and Democracy: Dartmouth 2002

'The Engineers case' in HP Lee & G Winterton (eds) Australian Constitutional Landmarks Cambridge 2003

'Making The Facts Speak', in I McCalman & A McGrath (eds) Proof and Truth: The Humanist as Expert Australian Academy of the Humanities Canberra 2003

'Multiculturalism and Migration Law', in G Levey (ed) Multiculturalism and Political Theory, Berghen Books 2008

'Subjectivity and Refugee Fact-finding' in J McAdam (ed) Forced Migration Hart, 2008

'The Express Rights Provisions' in HP Lee (ed) Constitutional Advancement in a Frozen Continent, Federation Press 2009

'Privacy and Law' in M Markus and ors. (eds) Modern Privacy: Shifting Boundaries, New Forms Palgrave 2010

Editor and contributor to Butterworth’s Australian Immigration Law 1995 to 2007

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'Dworkin, Fish & Legal Practice' Rechtstheorie 19 (1988) 443-461; also in the Bulletin of the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy, 10, no. 38/39, 1986: 203-224.

'Interpretive Practices in Law and Literary Criticism', Australian J of Law & Society 7 (1991) 16-26

'The Author of Common Law Texts' 8 Ratio Juris 1995, 91-103

'Australian Capital Television and the Application of Rights' Sydney Law Review 17 (1995) 29-42

'Shaky Premises, Values Attitudes and the Law' (with M Krygier) Sydney Law Review, 17 (1995) 385-396

'The Compassionate Decisionmaker' Law\Text\Culture (1997) 162-175

'Marking the Constitution Work' Constitutional Law & Policy Review 2 (1999) 28

'Interpretation/Application in Constitutional Law' 25 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy, (2000) 97-109

'Multiculturalism, Law and the Right to Culture' 24 UNSW Law Journal (2001) 862-868

'Birthright Non-alienage' 6/4 Constitutional Law & Policy Review (2004) 80

Other Articles

'The Privative Clause and Judicial Review' 1 Immigration Review February 2002

'Are British Subjects Aliens' 2 Immigration Review April 2002

'Jurisdictional error due to lack of findings of fact' 15 Immigration Review October 2003

'Natural Justice and the interrelationship of sections 359A and 360' 15 Immigration Review October 2003

'There are more aliens amongst us' 17 Immigration Review February 2004

'Discreet homosexuals' 17 Immigration Review February 2004

'Mandatory Detention: Al-Kateb and Behrooz'

'Reflections on Judging: Judging as Application' UNSW papers

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Book Reviews

Hermeneutics and the Sociology of Knowledge, Thesis Eleven, 17 (1987) 114-118.

Gadamer: Hermeneutics, Tradition and Reason, Australian and New Zealand J of Sociology 25 (1989) 494-496

Constitutional Interpretation, Public Law Review 4 (1993) 71-76

Interpretation & Legal Theory by Andrei Marmor, Sydney Law Review 15 (1993) 397-399

Oedipus Lex: Psychoanalysis, History, Law, Sydney Law Review (1996) 410-412

The High Court & The Constitution, UNSW Law Journal (1997) 525

Postcolonial Liberalism, Australian Humanities Review (2003)

Epistemic Uncertainty and Legal Theory, UNSW Law Journal (2009)

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