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Publications by Brent Michael

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  • ‘Recourse to Contractual Context Reaffirmed’ (2015) 89 Australian Law Journal 181 (with D. Wong).
  • ‘Sea changes in coastal protection laws’ (2013) 87 Australian Law Journal 15 (with K. Coleman)
  • ‘International Law in Constitutional Interpretation: A Theoretical Perspective’ (2012) 23(3) Public Law Review 197.
  • Western Export Services v Jireh International: Ambiguity as the Gateway to Surrounding Circumstances?’ (2012) 86 Australian Law Journal 57 (with D. Wong) (cited in McCourt v Cranston [2012] WASCA 60 and Mainteck Services Pty Ltd v Stein Heurtey SA [2014] NSWCA 184).
  • ‘Must an Accessory be a Know-It-All?’ (2010) 18 Trade Practices Law Journal 234 (cited in Sugarloaf Hill Nominees Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Richard and Anna Trust v Rewards Projects Ltd [2011] WASC 19).
  • ‘Responding to Attacks by Non-State Actors: The Attribution Requirement of Self-Defence’ (2009) 16 Australian International Law Journal 133.

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