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The Rise of the Regulatory State of the South (co-edited with Navroz Dubash), Oxford: Oxford University Press 2013

Water on Tap: Rights and Regulation in the Transnational Governance of Urban Water Services, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2011

An Introduction to Law and Regulation: Text and Materials (co-authored with Karen Yeung), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2007

The Intersection of Rights and Regulation: New Directions in Socio-Legal Scholarship (ed. Bronwen Morgan), Ashgate Press 2007

Social Citizenship in the Shadow of Competition: The Bureaucratic Politics of Regulatory Justification, Aldershot: Ashgate Press 2003 (awarded Hart/SLSA 2004 Prize for Early Career Academics)


Bronwen Morgan & Amelia Thorpe (eds), ‘Law for a New Economy: Enterprise, Sharing, Regulation’, Special Issue (forthcoming 2018) Journal of Law and Society, in-press

Understanding the Rise of the Regulatory State of the South (co-edited with Navroz Dubash), Special Issue of Regulation & Governance (2012) Volume 6 Issue 3

The Politics of Necessity (co-edited with Frank Trentmann), Special Issue of Journal of Consumer Policy (2007) Volume 29 Issue 4


Morgan, B., & Maloney, M. (2017). Building an ecologically healthy and socially just economic system: the New Economy Network of Australia. Australian Environment Review, 131-134.

Morgan, B. (2017). Regulatory Transformations. Rethinking Economy - Society Interactions. Law and Society Review, 51(2), 451-453. doi:10.1111/lasr.12270

Chandrashekeran, S., Morgan, B., Coetzee, K., & Christoff, P. (2017). Re-thinking the Green State beyond the Global North: A South African climate change case study. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: WIREs Climate Change. doi:10.1002/wcc.473

(with Declan Kuch), "The Socio-Legal Dimensions of the New Politics of Climate Change" (2016) UNSW Law Review 39:4: 1715-174

(with Declan Kuch), "Radical Transactionalism: Legal Consciousness, Diverse Economies, and the Sharing Economy" (2015) Journal of Law and Society 42:4, 556-87

(with Declan Kuch), “Dissonant Justifications: Community Energy Lessons from Pingala”, People, Policy and Place, October 2015

“Bringing Politics Back In: The Trajectory of the Regulatory State of the South”, La Revista del CLAD Reforma y Democracia (2014) Volume 60 October 2014

"Water Rights Between Social Activism and Social Enterprise" (co-authored with Sarika Seshadri), (2014) Journal of Human Rights and the Environment 5(1): 25-48

“I Fought the Law and the Law Won? Legal Consciousness and the Critical Imagination” (co-authored with Simon Halliday), (2013) Current Legal Problems 66: 1-32

"Understanding the Rise of the Regulatory State of the South" (co-authored with Navroz Dubash) (2012) Regulation and Governance 6: 261-281

“Building Bridges Between Regulatory and Citizen Space: Civil Society Contributions to Water Service Delivery Frameworks in Cross-National Perspective”’, 2008 (1) Law, Social Justice & Global Development Journal (LGD), is reprinted in Social Justice – Emerging Dimensions (ed. R. Satyanarayana), Amicus Books, Hyderabad: India, ICFAI Press 2009

“The North-South Politics of Necessity: Regulating for Basic Rights Between National and International Levels”, (2007) Special Issue of Journal of Consumer Policy on The Politics of Necessity 29:4, 465-487

“Turning Off the Tap: Urban Water Service Delivery and the Social Construction of Global Administrative Law”, (2006) 17 European Journal of International Law 215-247This is reprinted in Crime and Regulation, ed. Fiona Haines (International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Penology Series, Ashgate Press, 2007

“The Regulatory Face of the Human Right to Water”, (2004) 15 Journal of Water Law 179-187

“Water: frontier markets and cosmopolitan activism” (2004) Soundings: a Journal of Politics and Culture, Issue 27 on ‘The Frontier State’, 10-24

“The Economisation of Politics: Meta-Regulation as a Form of Nonjudicial Legality” (2003) 12 Social and Legal Studies 489- 523 (joint winner of UK SLSA Article Prize 2004)

“What’s Right with Ideology?”, Review Essay of William Lucy, Understanding and Explaining Adjudication, (2002) 22 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 517-538

"Regulating the Regulators: Meta-Regulation as a Strategy for Reinventing Government in Australia" (1999) 1Public Management 50


B.Morgan, ‘The Multi-Scalar Regulatory Challenge of the Sharing Economy from the Perspective of Platform Cooperativism and the Social and Solidarity Economy’ in Nestor Davidson, Michèle Finck & John Infranca (eds) Cambridge Handbook on Law and Regulation of the Sharing Economy(Cambridge University Press, 2018) in-press

B. Morgan, 'Transcending the Corporation: Social Enterprise, Cooperatives and Commons-Based Governance'’, chapter in press for Handbook on The Corporation (Oxford University Press)

Morgan, B., McNeill, J., & Blomfeld, I. (2017). 'The Legal Roots of a Sustainable and Resilient Economy: New Kinds of Legal Entities, New Kinds of Lawyers?' In R. Levy, M. O'Brien, S. Rice, P. Ridge, & M. Thornton (Eds.), New Directions for Law in Australia: Essays in Contemporary Law Reform (pp. 399-406). Canberra: ANU Press.

Morgan, B., & Kuch, D. (2017). Sharing Subjects and Legality: Ambiguities in Moving Beyond Neoliberalism. In V. Higgins, & W. Larner (Eds.), Assembling Neoliberalism (pp. 219-242). New York: Palgrave MacMillan. doi:10.1057/978-1-137-58204-12017

Morgan, B. (2015). Upside Down and Inside Out: Regulators and Regulatory Processes in Contemporary Perspective. In A. Sarat, & P. Ewick (Eds.), The Handbook of Law and Society (pp. 150-167). John Wiley & Sons.

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Dubash, N., & Morgan, B.. (2013). The Embedded Regulatory State: Between Rules and Deals - Conclusion. In The Rise of the Regulatory State of the South Infrastructure and Development in Emerging Economies. OUP Oxford. doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199677160.003.0017

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Morgan, B.  (2012). Rights and Regulation as a Framework for Exploring Reverse Legal Transfers: Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony in the Bolivian Water Sector. In J. Gillespie, P. Nicholson, & P. Nicholson (Eds.), Law and Development and the Global Discourses of Legal Transfers (pp. 82-118). UK: Cambridge University Press.

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Morgan, B. (2008). Consuming without Paying: Stealing or Campaigning? The Civic Implications of Civil Disobedience around Access to Water. In K. Soper, & F. Trentmann (Eds.), Citizenship and Consumption (pp. 272 pages). Palgrave Macmillan.

B. Morgan. Upside Down and Inside Out: “Technocratic and Convivial Accountability. In Public Accountability, (ed. Michael Dowdle), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2005

“Social Protest against Privatization of Water: Forging Cosmopolitan Citizenship?”, in Sustainable Justice: Reconciling International Economic, Environmental and Social Law, (eds Marie-Clair Cordonier Seggier and Justice Weeramantry), Martinus Nijhoff 2005

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(co-authored with Josh Holmes). “The Promise and Peril of Spontaneous Order: The Role of Government in Shaping E-commerce”, E-Commerce Law: National and Transnational Topics and Perspectives (ed Henk Snijders and Stephen Weatherill), The Hague: Kluwer Law International 2003

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"The Scales and the Abacus: Judicial Error and the Possibility of Justice in the Administrative State", in Error Judicis, Max Planck Institute for Legal History, Frankfurt 1998

Two chapters: "Grounds of Review" and "Ouster Clauses" in Administrative Law: Laws of Australia. Law Book Co. Sydney 1993


Bronwen Morgan, Joanne McNeill and Isobel Blomfeld, 'Where are the community enterprise lawyers? Towards an effective ecosystem of legal support for small-scale sustainable economy initiatives in Australia', Discussion Paper, August 2016, available at

Malcolm Rodgers, Stephen Bennett, Robyn Donnelly, Alan Greig, Joanne McNeil, Bronwen Morgan, Fiona Martin and Andrew Perry, Legal Models Working Group Report, Social Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Alliance, July 2014, available at

Bronwen Morgan and Declan Kuch, The Sharing Economy: More than the Sum of its Parts? Implications for Legal Services.Summary Report of Janelle Orsi Australia Workshop Series, UNSW Law, March 2014

Bronwen Morgan, Declan Kuch and Jess Ngo, Submission to Crowd-Sourced Equity Financing Enquiry, Corporations and Market Activity Committee, Australian Federal Government, September 2013, available at$file/morgan_kuch_ngo_csef.pdf

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