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Penfold, CR, 2014. Developing Communication Skills in a South Pacific Context, Vol 24(1) Legal Education Review.

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Penfold, CR, 1998, 'The Doctor, The Magistrate, and Absolute Immunity', Flinders Journal of Law Reform, pp. 253 – 262.

Penfold, CR, 1997, 'Indigenous Students` Perceptions of Factors Contributing to Successful Law Studies', Legal Education Review, pp. 155 – 191.

Penfold, CR, 1997, 'Practitioners, Electronic Research Basic Legal Research', Law Society Journal, pp. 68 – 71.

Penfold, CR, 1997, 'Attracting Indigenous Lawyers into Private Law Firms', Law Society Journal, pp. 40 – 44.

Penfold, CR, 1997, 'Aboriginal Lawyers: What Factors Contribute to Indigenous Students Completing Law Degrees?', Alternative Law Journal, pp. 148 – 149.

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