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"The Honoré-Waldron Thesis: A Comparison of the Blend of Ideal-Typic Categories of Property in American, Australian and Chinese Land Law", with J. Orth & P. Babie, Tulane Law Review, forthcoming, 2017

“Inside or Outside the Corporate Law Box? Shareholder Primacy and Corporate Social Responsibility in China”, European Business Organization Law Review, forthcoming, 2017;

“Do Auctions Matter? Assessing the Chinese Auction Promotion Institution of Takeover Law”,Tsinghua China Law Review, forthcoming, 2018;

“Assessing the Efficiency of Chinese Insider Trading Administrative Sanctions with Empirical Data (2000-2013)”, Asian Journal of Comparative Law, forthcoming, 2016;

“Does the Housing Market and Absence of Consumer Bankruptcy Protection Make Interpretation (III) of the Chinese Marriage Law Beneficial to Women, Not Men?”(with C. Watters), Property Law Journal, forthcoming, 2016

“Who is an Insider? A Case Study on Chinese Insider Trading Enforcement Principle”, selected paper for presentation on the 5th International Conference on “New Haven and other Jurisprudential Perspectives on Conflict Resolution and Current Legal Problems”, 22 Asia Pacific Law Review 85 (2014);

“Chinese Corporate Balkanization: the Reality of Political Economy and Competition for Corporate Charters as a Replacement”, 44 Hong Kong Law Journal 1 (2013), (selected paper for presentation on the Corporate Law Teachers Association's (CLTA) annual conference (Canberra, Australia), also selected for presentation Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics (Hong Kong));

“Chinese Shareholder Protection and the Influence from the US Law: the Idiosyncratic Economic Realities and Mismatched Agency Problem Solutions,” 40 Securities Regulation Law Journal 1 (2013), (selected paper for presentation on the 1st Yale Law School Doctoral Conference, also selected for presentation on the Yale Chinese Forum (New Haven) and Penn Law SJD Scholarship Forum (Philadelphia));

“Lifting the Veil of Words: An Analysis of the Efficacy of Chinese Takeover Laws and the Road to the Harmonious Society”, 25 Columbia Journal of Asian Law 180 (2012);

“To Be, Rather Than to Seem: Analysis of Trustee Fiduciary Duty in Reorganization and Its Implications on the New Chinese Bankruptcy Law,” 45 The International Lawyer 647 (2011); Reprinted by Journal of Bankruptcy Law and Practice (2011) & Conference on Consumer Finance Law (2013)

“Introductions and Suggestions to the Chinese Securities Credit Rating System from a Comparative Perspective,” The University of Pennsylvania East Asia Law Review Vol. 6, Issue 2 (with Y. Xu, 2011)

“Assessing the Applicability of the Business Judgment Rule and ‘Defensive’ Business Judgment Rule in the Chinese Judiciary: A Perspective on Takeover Case Adjudications,” 34 Fordham International Law Journal 124 (2010)


The Melting Glacier: An Introduction to Chinese Takeover Regulations, in the book of POREEN Project by European Union (2013).


译文[Translation],破产之州[States of Bankruptcy], forthcoming, (the work of S. Samuel Arsht Professor David Skeel, 2013)

译文[Translation],黑暗中的监管[Regulating in the Dark],交大法学[KoGuan Law Review] (the work of Sterling Professor Roberta Romano, 2013)

天使还是魔鬼?--对冲基金积极主义在公司治理中的利弊分析及在中国前景之展望 [Angel or Demon: the Role of Hedge Funds Activism in Chinese Corporate Governance and Its future] in 证券法苑 [Securities law Review] (with Ni & Lu, Law Press, 2010)

论美国敌意收购规则对我国收购反收购立法的再借鉴 [The Implications of American Takeover Rules from Chinese Takeover Legislation Perspective] in 审判前沿观察 [Review of Judicial Frontier] (with Lu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, 2011)

金融危机下信用评级机构之改革分析理路 [Road to the Reform of Chinese Credit Rating System] in 金融法苑 [Financial Law Review] (with Lu & Ni, Peking University Press, 2011)

美国外部董事薪酬形式变更及对我国的启示[The Survey of American Independent directors’ Compensation History and Its Inspirations to Chinese Legislation,] 74华东政法大学学报 [Journal of East China University of Politics and Law] (won the second award of China Law Press Essay Competition, with Lu, 2008)

一人公司的刑事主体地位辨析 [Culpability of Single Owner Company,] 6 上海师范大学学报 [Journal of Shanghai Normal University] (2007)

对债权不可侵性理论的思考 [Discussions of the Unbreakable Debt Theory,] 6 太原师范学院学报 [Journal of Taiyuan Normal University] (2006)

死刑存废问题的源流再思考 [The rethink of Death Penalty Abolishment: A Legal History Perspective,] 2 江南论坛 [South River Forum] (with Feng, 2007)


面临挑战的抉择:美国次贷危机金融立法改革评述与对中国金融立法的启示 [Decision Facing Challenges: Comments on the New Financial Deal of the American Financial Crises and the Inspirations to China] in 金融法制前沿[The Herald of Rule of Law on Finance] (The Second China Financial Adjudication Symposium Excellent Working Paper, China Law Press, 2010)

公司法人人格否认制度与单位犯罪主体资格否认规则之比较 [Survey and Analysis on the History of Corporate Crime Culpability and the Theory of Piercing the Corporate Veil,] in 法学新问题探讨2007 [The Study on New Issues of Law Science 2007] (Peking University Press, 2007)

侵占遗忘物与盗窃遗忘物的区别辨析: 对‘二重控制说’适用的探究 [Anatomy of the Double Control Theory in Economic Crime,] in法学新问题探讨2006 [The Study on New Issues of Law Science 2006] (Peking University Press, 2006)

试析挪用资金罪若干问题 [Anatomy of Business Embezzlement,] in法学新问题探讨2005 [The Study on New Issues of Law Science 2005] (Peking University Press, 2005)

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